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Romeo One-One: "We're going deep, and we're going hard."
Charlie One-One: "Surely you can't be serious?"
Romeo One-One: "I'm serious... and don't call me Shirley."
— Romeo One-One to Charlie One-One

Romeo One-One is the callsign of a Task Force 141 operative and presumed leader of One-One Team featured in the level "Mile High Club". He carried an M4A1 with red dot sight, silencer, grip and AN/PEQ-2A, and a W1200. He is one of three members of the team to survive the plane op, the other two being Charlie One-One and the playable One-One Operative. If the player wounds the terrorist holding the civilian hostage at the end of the level by shooting him in the leg, then Romeo One-One will kill him.


  • He makes a reference to the movie Airplane!; when he is asked: "Surely, you can´t be serious?", he responds: "I am serious... And don´t call me Shirley".
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