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Rooker 1
Appears in Call of Duty: World at War
Rank Private, later Sergeant
Affiliations United States Marine Corps: Marine Raiders (Carlson's 2nd Marine Raiders Battalion)
Nationality American
Status Alive/K.I.A. (Player determined)
Killed By Japanase Officer with a Katana
Death August 17th, 1942/May 29th, 1945 (Player determined)
Sex Male
Race Caucasian
Weapon Thompson, M1911 Colt .45, M1 Garand
Equipment Radio
Timeline World at War Timeline
Level "Semper Fi"
For the Zombies character, see Michael Rooker.
"Relay the message to Major Gordon, The Artillery on the Point has been knocked out."
— Rooker in "Relentless"

Sergeant Rooker was an American soldier of the United States Marine Corps during World War II. He is seen in Call of Duty: World at War.


Rooker was the radioman of the Marine Raiders rescue team led by Sgt. Tom Sullivan and Cpl. Roebuck, which made a raid on Makin and saved Pvt. C. Miller. Later during the assault, the squad met a bunch of "dead" Imperial Japanese soldiers in the jungle. Sergeant Sullivan told Rooker to call another squad with his radio, in order to check if they already cleared that area.

When Rooker was going to use his radio, a signal flare rose, blinding everyone. Rooker is then stabbed by a Japanese soldier wielding a katana. However, Pvt. Livingston or Cpl. Lozano sacrifice themselves for Rooker if they have survived up until this point. His weapon in "Semper Fi" is an M1 Thompson.

If kept alive in Semper Fi, he will return in Relentless as a Sergeant as the radioman once again, this time he is invincible for the end of the mission. However, he will use an M1 Garand unlike in Semper Fi.