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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"The tales of Rott's smuggling accomplishments are legendary, only in part because he's so eager to tell them. But it pays to advertise because he's the best money can buy and governments and millitias the world over have come to rely on his services."
— In-game biography

Rott is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on August 6, 2021, during Season 6: The Heat as part of the Rottweiler Draw. [1]Rott also plays a minor role in the Battle Pass comics, as a minor antagonist.


Rott first appears in the Season 6 (2021)'s Battle pass comics, where he greets the Five Knight operators Rorke, Hidora Kai and Vagr Modir. Apparently a local arms dealer, Rosa is later assigned to go undercover to Panama to get intel from him by Price. When she first meets him, Rott is apparently dousing a supposed buyer/customer while he's tied to a chair, on fire. He then asks her if she has a problem with it, to which she replies that she suddenly has a craving for bacon. Rott then states that he's a vegetarian, before proceeding to make an arms deal with Rosa, which she had planned for.

As they negotiate for some FHJ launchers, Rosa attempts to haggle, but Rott shoots down the idea, telling her to accept the price he has set or leave it. She agrees to the deal, and Rott then thanks her, saying it's a pleasure doing business with her.

However, later on, Rott is shown to have seemingly sent Dame to look out for any intruders. Dame nearly impales Rosa with a sword when she attempts to steal a briefcase, but is gunned down. Rott then shows up with his own henchmen, to which he comments that he thought they were at the start of a beautiful friendship. With Rosa's cover blown, she then makes haste to exfil, with Rott and his men in hot pursuit.

As Rosa leaps from rooftop to rooftop, Rott suddenly blindsides her. However, when she attempts to shoot him, Rott moves out of the way but falls off into the building while Rosa hangs on to a ledge. Not willing to give up his pursuit, he then sees her having snagged a motorcycle, deciding to pursue her on his own (taking a bike from one of his downed men). As he gives chase, he exchanges fire with Rosa until it reaches a cliff where a helicopter with Ghost is waiting to pick her up. Unfortunately, Rosa successfully exfils and Rott is too late to stop her and forced to halt his pursuit.

Later on, he and Rorke are discussing some matters. Rorke scolds him for being incompetent, to which he rebukes him saying that Rorke should've been stealthy and not lead the UAC to him. Rorke shrugs off the irritation, saying that by the time they get here, he won't be anymore as he has gotten what he has needed. Just then, Templar interrupts their conversation. After a brief banter, Rott sees Templar pulling out his throwing knives, and immediately bails, claiming it's not his fight.