Roundhouse is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: World at War. It was released during the beta and carried on into the full game. It was the only map in the beta that had tanks.


Roundhouse is a fairly large and open map, however it has side passages and a round building in the middle, hence the name. It is a very good level for both snipers and tanks. This map may be considered an even match, even though the Soviet spawn gains a height advantage for sniping, and a quick Wehrmacht sniper may easily counter snipe any Soviet sniper due to the probability of a sniper going up there. Once a Wehrmacht sniper reaches the long catwalk, the Soviets will be under a lot of pressure. If the Soviets can control the catwalk long enough to do some damage they may win the battle.



  • This map is not available in the Wii version, along with Airfield, Makin Day, Seelow, Downfall and Outskirts.
  • There is a sword painting on top of the trains. The player can see them by going into spectator mode in a private match. It is near the cabin area.
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