"Here they come!"
— Captain Ramirez


"US forces clear a civilian town and commerce sector, preventing the Russians from establishing a staging area for wider attacks."
— In-game Description

"Running For Cover" is the fifth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance.


As the mission opens up, Command is giving orders to Ramirez's National Guard unit to protect the civilians. As the order that they are weapons free is given, a Russian soldier shoots an American soldier dead at point blank range in the back. The group opens fire and dives for cover, with Benson getting shot and killed in the process.

Forced to fight house to house down a street, the team is confronted with at least two dozen Russian troops followed by a tank. Ramirez leads the squad into the backyard of a house as he calls Command for air support. The group secures the yard and huddles in a corner, waiting for more orders from an incoming transmission.

The team, now identified as Alpha Team receives a cry for help from some other pinned down National Guard troops. As the transmission ends, a part of the fence is blown away and Ramirez can be heard yelling that the enemy is breaching. The group must fight its way through a fenced in wetlands area with a creek running through it, while facing multiple ambushes including a transport full of troops.

As the group exits the fenced in area, they come to a large house that is full of Russians with an ammo crate outside it. Ramirez orders the team to reload before they fight down another street that contains more than a dozen Russians. Alpha Team quickly cuts through a backyard and heads into a riverbed where more enemies are already waiting for them.

As the group exits the riverbed, Ramirez yells into the radio that Alpha Team is approaching their position only to he told "It's about damn time". Franks uses an RC-XD to destroy an armor and troop transport. Ramirez directs the group towards some alleyways to attempt to cut an enemy convoy off. The two teams then fight down the alleyway.

Alpha fights their way onto a rooftop and then establish a connection to air support, taking sniping positions up and marking targets for Hunter (an armor and two transports). Franks must counter snipe the enemy snipers while waiting for Thunder to arrive who gives him the message that they are in position and will carry the mission out from here. The end of this mission transitions directly into Clearing Out.



Starting Loadout

Found in Level



  • The first US soldier who gets killed by the Russians has no name.
    • Sometimes, if the player aims at that soldier, the name will say "Unable to Find" in green.
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