"All instructions will be broadcast from the Rusalka"
Nikita Dragovich in Revelations

The Rusalka is a Soviet ship anchored in the Cuban waters of the Gulf of Mexico that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is a key component to "Project Nova", in which it acts as the station from which the Number Sequences are broadcast to activate the sleeper agents across the United States.

The Rusalka is seen at the end of "Operation 40" when Mason overhears a conversation between Dragovich and Fidel Castro after he was captured.

During the mission "Redemption", The ship is attacked by Mason piloting a Huey alongside other pilots in a last-minute attempt to destroy the ship to stop the broadcasts from activating the sleeper cells. Though the crew and some supporting Mi-24 and Mi-8 managed to defeat American aircraft, the CIA team called in the US Navy, that destroyed the ship and its underwater base.

Disguised as a commercial ship, the Rusalka has rocket and AA batteries on deck to deter airborne intrusion. It also served as the surface component of the Soviet underwater submarine supply base, located on the seabed. It was this supply station that was the actual Numbers station, requiring the Rusalka and buoys to broadcast as was necessary from the surface. General Nikita Dragovitch was present here when the broadcasts were initiated, to his folly when Mason killed him after aborting the all of the broadcasts.



  • In Slavic mythology, a Rusalka is a female spirit/demon that lives in waterways.
    • "Rusalka" (русалка) means "mermaid" in Russian.
    • According to the projection at the MACV-SOG building in the mission "The Defector", the Rusalka is an ironclad monitor built by the Imperial Russian Navy in St. Petersburg from 1865 to 1867, equipped with two nine-inch cannon.[citation needed]
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