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"Call me Rushmore. I'm the intelligence tasked with overseeing Camp Edward and the Broken Arrow program. Who are you? How did you penetrate the perimeter? And where are Pernell and his staff?"
— Rushmore

Rushmore is the name of an artificial intelligence created by Broken Arrow. He was created to oversee all activities ongoing at Camp Edward.


"This learning computation machine is a first of its kind. The creation of this artificial life represents the very core of what Broken Arrow stands for. I could not be prouder of everyone who has contributed to what will doubtless prove to be a monumental moment in history."
Cornelius Pernell

Rushmore was created on July 11th, 1965 by Broken Arrow in order to oversee the organization's activities at Camp Edward. In the months following his creation, he was programmed by Officer Weiss to feature an information directory, allowing Rushmore to provide information on desired Broken Arrow topics depending on the code inputted into him. On March 15th, 1968, Camp Edward was visited by George Sawyer and his men, who sought to arrest Pernell for his betrayal to the United States after being tipped off by Peter McCain. However, while Pernell was undergoing an experiment inside the American Pyramid Device at the time, one of Sawyer's men abruptly shuts down the experiment, resulting in a power outage. This causes Pernell to transform into an entity he calls Avogadro, and for a Nova 6 gas leak to occur throughout the facility. After Avogadro was contained inside the American Pyramid Device, Camp Edward was shuttered and abandoned, resulting in the shutdown of Rushmore, who remained dormant for over fifty years while the facility was left in the care of the A.D.A.M units.

On October 13th, 2025, Rushmore was reactivated by Primis and Ultimis, who sought to locate and secure the Elemental Shard from the facility. Rushmore tells the group that they lack credentials to access the American Pyramid Device, which housed the shard, telling the group to first find the access codes for the Emergency Broadcast System. After doing so, Rushmore still refused to give them access due to still not trusting them. In order to prove themselves, Rushmore tasks the group with fulfilling Broken Arrow's core values by performing various tasks and experiments around Camp Edward. During the final test, the group is able to bring back Peter McCain, whose soul was trapped in an A.D.A.M. unit. Rushmore explains to the deputy director that he was unable to find out Pernell's whereabouts and uncover what happened shortly before his deactivation, suggesting that it was due to a recording error. When McCain recognizes the group, Rushmore explains that he was testing the group to see if they could be trusted and recover the Elemental Shard. Vouching for them, McCain allows Rushmore to give them access to the APD.

Before doing this, Rushmore tasks the group to secure the Elemental Orb, an experimental device that would act as a container for souls. After delivering it to McCain, Rushmore gives the group access to the APD, telling them that if they wanted to open it, they would have to sacrifice A.D.A.Ms near the device. Upon doing so, they unknowingly release the imprisoned Avogadro, who Rushmore identifies as Pernell. With the Avogadro's release, the nuclear bomb that acted as a failsafe should the Avogadro be freed was dropped, but it had no effect. With Rushmore's assistance, the group is able to force the Avogadro back into the APD after a battle throughout the bunker and transports him to a Broken Arrow facility in Hanford, Washington for proper imprisonment. With the Avogadro defeated, Rushmore celebrates and congratulates the group for their efforts before rewarding the group with the Elemental Shard on behalf of Broken Arrow and the United States of America.

After Camp Edward is destroyed by Samantha's power upon being teleported to the facility after witnessing her father's death, it is unknown what became of Rushmore.


In addition to inputting codes for the easter egg, the player can input numerous "cheat codes" into Rushmore's information directory, each granting different effects. Apart from easter egg codes, a cheat code can only be inserted once a round, and the same code cannot be used multiple times. Currently, there are 40 known cheat codes that are accepted by Rushmore.

Name Code Effects
EASY 3297 All zombies slow down the slowest speed for five minutes.
BREW 2739 The player's Brew perk price is halved.
SODA 7632 The player's Soda perk price is halved.
COLA 2652 The player's Cola perk price is halved.
PACK 7225 Spawns a Bonfire Sale power-up.
TIME 8463 All zombies are frozen in place for ten seconds.
Rushmore throws a live grenade at the player.
NUKE 6853 Spawns a Nuke power-up.
DOOR 3667 The player can purchase a non-debris door of their choice for free.
LOVE 5683 Inserting the code will tell Rushmore that the player loves him, and he will respond back that he is "already in a relationship with America".
QUIZ 1841 Rushmore will ask a series of American themed trivia questions, all of which the player cannot respond to. After a bit, Rushmore automatically deactivates Quiz Mode.
JOKE 5653 Rushmore will tell a joke to the player.
SONG 7664 Activates the easter egg song I Am The Well.
TEDD 8333 Activates T.E.D.D. in the Lounge.
DUCK 3825 Kills with a special weapon will make duck quacks.
GUNS 4867 The player's weapon will switch every fifteen seconds for five minutes. If the player has an upgraded weapon before activating the code, then every weapon the player gets will be upgraded as well. Elixirs, equipment, and special weapons are disabled during this.
BANK 2265 Every player receives 1000 points.
Activates a disco rave party in the Beds.
VENT 8368 Rushmore will "vent" his frustrations.
SHED 7433 Opens the shed in the backyard of the Yellow House for free.
NOOB 6662 Zombies will have the same health as round one zombies for the duration of the round, although this code only works in single digit rounds.
LIFE 5433 Rushmore will tell the player that they have one life and cannot get another.
FALL 3255 Zombies will randomly fall onto the ground.
PUKE 7843 Zombies will vomit after being knifed.
UGLY 8459 Rushmore will tell the player that they are beautiful because they are American.
HERO 4376 Refills the player's special weapon charge.
WARP 9277 Players will randomly teleport to a different location.
GRAV 4728 Killing zombies will cause them to fly up into the sky for a minute.
Rushmore will respond to the player about them being "bored" of him.
N/A 0001 Rushmore will detail information regarding Project MKALPHA.
N/A 0002 Rushmore will detail information regarding the A.D.A.M. Initiative.
N/A 0003 Rushmore will detail information regarding Project Toy Soldier.
N/A 1001 Rushmore will detail information regarding Broken Arrow.
N/A 1002 Rushmore will detail information regarding the Prisoner Holding.
N/A 1003 Rushmore will detail information regarding the Transfusion Facility.
N/A 1004 Rushmore will detail information regarding the APD Interrogation.
N/A 1005 Rushmore will detail information regarding the Solitary.