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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For other variants, see FAL, FAL OSW and XM-LAR.

"Fully automatic. Redesigned barrel provides longer range with reduced recoil for higher accuracy."
— Description

The SC-2010 is an assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Heroes. The weapon has low damage compared to other assault rifles, but it is compensated with very low recoil and long range.

Call of Duty: Ghosts


The SC-2010 can commonly be found on Federation soldiers. It is the starting weapon in "Struck Down" and "Birds of Prey" for Logan Walker. In "Federation Day," it can be quite commonly obtained from enemies dropping it upon their death. When the player rappels down to the balcony and kills the two Federation soldiers on it, they will drop SC-2010s.


The SC-2010 is unlocked by default for all of the player's soldiers.

The SC-2010 is a low damage, moderate-short range assault rifle. At any range short of 22.4 meters, the SC-2010 will deal 35 damage per bullet, needing three shots to kill. Damage decreases linearly until 42.5 meters. At any range beyond 42.5 meters, the SC-2010 will deal twenty damage per bullet, needing five shots to kill. The SC-2010 has a three shot kill range of 23.75 meters, and a four shot kill range of 35.8 meters. The SC-2010 in Hardcore has a one shot kill range of about 28 meters. The SC-2010 does fifty percent extra damage on a headshot, although it will normally take multiple headshots in order to make the SC-2010 kill faster. The SC-2010 is very lacking in three shot kill range, having identical three shot kill range to the Honey Badger and only superior to the FAD in terms of three shot kill range, and its four shot kill range is not impressive either. The SC-2010 has moderate penetration power.

The SC-2010 has a decent fire rate, firing at 750 RPM. This fire rate is fine for an assault rifle. However, the SC-2010 combines poor damage properties with just decent fire rate, giving the SC-2010 a slow time to kill across the board.

The SC-2010's biggest advantage as an assault rifle is its accuracy. The iron sights are simple to use but definition isn't very clear. The SC-2010's recoil per shot is very small. The SC-2010 has recoil values of 45 to the left, 45 to the right, 40 upwards, and 20 downwards. The SC-2010 also kicks twenty percent less on the first shot in a burst. The SC-2010 has very low recoil per shot, making fully automatic fire very accurate on the SC-2010, even at longer ranges. Although the SC-2010 has a below average centerspeed of 1400, the SC-2010 is a very accurate weapon overall and is among the most accurate fully automatic weapons in Multiplayer.

The SC-2010 has standard handling properties among assault rifles. The SC-2010 allows users to move at ninety percent of the base movement speed, or strafe at 36% of the base movement speed. The SC-2010 aims down the sight in 300 milliseconds, and the SC-2010 has average hip-fire accuracy. The SC-2010's reload speeds are average for an assault rifle. The SC-2010's reload animation is 2.8 seconds long, or 3.3 seconds long if the magazine is empty. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel after 1.66 seconds.

The SC-2010 has an average magazine capacity of thirty rounds, and a standard starting ammo loadout of ninety rounds.

The SC-2010 has the standard assortment of attachments to choose from. The optical attachments are very popular to use on the SC-2010, as the SC-2010 is very accurate, but the iron sights are not in the best taste of some users.

The Flash Suppressor reduces muzzle flash and does nothing of note otherwise. The Silencer removes muzzle flash, makes the SC-2010 quieter when firing, and the user does not have their position revealed on radar if they fire the SC-2010, in exchange for a 25% range reduction. The SC-2010 is not very reliant on its power nor range to be useful, so the loss of range is not of much consequence for the SC-2010. The Muzzle Brake increases the SC-2010's range by twenty percent, allowing for more three and four shot kills.

The Grip is a poor attachment choice on the SC-2010, as the SC-2010's recoil values are already very small, making the Grip's effect minimal. The Shotgun provides a close quarters firepower increase, but it comes at the expense of the user's lethal equipment slot and a perk point. The same applies to the more useful Grenade Launcher.

Extended Mags increases the SC-2010's magazine capacity to 45 rounds, and the starting ammo loadout to 135 rounds. The SC-2010 can be rather inefficient with ammo, so the extra capacity and bullets Extended Mags provides can be very helpful. Armor Piercing allows the user to ignore Ballistic Vests and negate most of the benefits of Juggernaut armor. Semi-automatic severely decreases several aspects of the SC-2010 in exchange for body multipliers in semi-automatic firing configuration. As the SC-2010 kicks much less on the first shot, this property practically negates the recoil increase the attachment provides. However, the SC-2010's lacking lethality even with body multipliers in play makes the weapon not a good choice for the attachment. Much of the same applies to Burst Fire.

Overall, the SC-2010 is a very easy weapon to use. The decent fire rate makes the SC-2010 fairly effective in shorter engagements, and the SC-2010's incredible accuracy makes the weapon surprisingly competent at longer ranges despite its lacking lethality. The biggest problem with the SC-2010 is its time to kill, as the SC-2010 is never the fastest killing option in any situation. At medium and longer ranges, the SC-2010 will commonly need more bullets to kill than its contemporaries. Although the SC-2010 is easy to use, its lacking killing speed at medium-long ranges can leave users wanting for weapons with better lethality at longer ranges.


It also appears in Extinction, in Point of Contact, for $1500. It is found by the turret near the mountains of the first area.

Out of all the weapons in Extinction, the SC-2010 is one of the most radically different weapons from its Multiplayer counterpart, as the SC-2010 only has 24 round magazines, and is semi-automatic. The SC-2010 is perfectly capable early on, as it is incredibly accurate and does acceptable damage to Scouts. The SC-2010 is one of the few weapons in Extinction that can greatly benefit from Burst Fire, as some may not prefer its semi-automatic nature, and its great accuracy plays well with Burst Fire.

The SC-2010 wears off its welcome later on into the game, being much less effective against Scorpions, Hunters and Rhinos. However, a Weapon Specialist can get much more mileage out of the SC-2010, heavily increasing its damage output and making it significantly more effective in handling stakes. That being said, there's little reason to use the SC-2010 over the AK-12, which is available just as early as the SC-2010, costs the same, provides more ammo, does more damage, and is fully automatic. The SC-2010 is far from a bad weapon, but it is thoroughly outclassed by one of the most versatile and best weapons in the game.


Under Barrel


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  • In the reloading animation, the player manually removes the magazine before inserting the new one. When Sleight of Hand is equipped, the player uses the new magazine to quickly tap off the old magazine before it is inserted.
  • The SC-2010's serial number is 40074528
  • Dec 4, 1984 is written on the gun in blue.
  • "FAL CAL. 7.62x51 MM NATO" is engraved on the SC-2010's receiver.