SDK 9mm
Damage 95 (MP)
Damage Multipliers x2 Head, Neck, Chest, Torso & Arms
Weapon Class Sniper Rifle
Magazine Size 6 rounds (9 w/ Extended Mag)
Starting Ammunition 6+30 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 6+48 (MP)
Reload Time 3.4s loaded, 4.5s empty
Rate of Fire 57 RPM
Range (explanation) 4000-5000
Fire Mode Bolt-action
"Bolt-action sniper rifle with built-in suppressor that offers a generous one shot kill zone."
— Description

The SDK 9mm is a bolt-action bullpup sniper rifle that features an integral suppressor. It was added to Call of Duty: WWII with the Halloween Scream event.

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