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The SDS Cerberus is a Settlement Defense Front carrier. It carried a prototype stealth Skelter.

During Operation Phoenix, Nick Reyes led a small infiltration team to disable the carrier using EMP charges on its engines before stealing the prototype Skelter from the carrier.

Cerberus was notable in that it was equipped with two railguns, each possessing two barrels, one on each side of her dorsal surface. This was a feature lacking on other SDF carriers such as the Ares Vallis. These weapons were powerful enough to pose a serious threat to the SATO carrier SWC-141 Retribution. However, they required a large amount of power to be fired; by using the EMP charges to knock out the ship's engines, Reyes and his team were able to ensure that it was temporarily unable to fire them, allowing Retribution to operate near the vessel.



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