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"You are cleared for contact."
— SEAL Team Six announcer when beginning match.

The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, often shortened to DEVGRU and informally referred to as SEAL Team Six[1] is a counter-terrorism unit under the jurisdiction of the US Navy with its members drawn from U.S. Navy SEALs members.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

SEAL Team Six was part of the U.S. military assault on the Middle East, and was involved in the attack on the country's capital city, where Opfor military leader Al-Asad was believed to be located. During the level "Shock and Awe", SEAL Team Six detected and confirmed a nuclear device at the center of the city, and notified U.S. field command, which dispatched NEST teams to neutralize the warhead. However, they were unsuccessful, and the nuclear warhead detonated with substantial casualties to U.S. military forces. Because the SEAL Team Six were the ones who discovered the device, it can be assumed that they were in the vicinity of the nuke when it detonated and that they were killed.

Call of Duty Black Ops II

SEAL Team Six makes another appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. They face the Militia on Turbine, Mercs on Downhill, Hijacked, Standoff, Encore, Frost, and Nuketown 2025, and SDC on Cargo, Carrier, Drone, Mirage, Magma, Uplink, and Pod. Harper, Salazar, and David Mason are stated to be members of the unit.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

SEAL Team Six makes brief appearance in the campaign level, 'Demon Within'. After The Player interfaces Sarah Hall's DNI and enters her subconscious, several corpses of SEAL Team Six members can be seen lying on the fourth tree.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

The Shotgunner and Assault variants from Call of Duty: Black Ops II make an appearance as default characters in Call Of Duty: Mobile while the Sniper variant can be obtained from a 7 day log in streak. In the Battle Pass comics, pair of Assault units assist Ghost and Tank in an attack on Hackney Yard. A few of them assist Mara in attacking Alcatraz. Two of them attempt to intervene when Templar ambushes Soap and Price but are quickly disposed of.

Some SEAL Team Six Members are later seen fighting Cordis Die forces in the 2021 Season 2 battle pass comics, as well as taking on Templar again.

Known Members

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Weapons Used

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call Of Duty: Mobile



  • It would seem that the SEALs wear a few different uniforms throughout the game: One that has a Multicam pattern, a black digital snow camouflage, and another that is a more futuristic blue digital pattern. Another pattern is found on Uplink, where they wear a desert camouflage similar to the MARPAT camo that the U.S. Marines in Call of Duty 4 wear.
  • The SEAL Team Six assault rifle character model is the same as Crosby's, albeit with futuristic digital camouflage.
  • The SEAL Team Six SMG character model wears a similar uniform to Mike Harper's.
  • The SEAL Team Six LMG character model wears the same suit as Javier Salazar.
  • The SEAL Team Six Shotgunner character model wears the same suit as David Mason.
  • In early trailer and screenshots, the SEALs had a different model and colors on their gloves.