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The SG Mag is an attachment exclusive to the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Mobile. It can be equipped on shotguns, and is the counterpart of the Light Mag and the Heavy Mag seen on other weapon classes.

It increases magazine capacity and, in most cases, reduces reloading time as well. The attachment behaves differently depending on the background color of its icon:

  • White: Slightly increases ammo capacity
  • Green: Slightly increases ammo capacity and reduces reloading time
  • Blue: Significantly increases ammo capacity and slightly reduces reloading time
  • Violet: Significantly increases ammo capacity and reduces reloading time
  • Orange: Significantly increases ammo capacity, reduces reloading time, and increases penetration damage. This version is found in support drops.
Mobile - Ammo Per Magazine
Shotgun Regular Magazine With SG Mag Percentage increase
BY15 6 9
(12 w/ higher increase)
(100% w/ higher increase)
Striker 10 13
(16 w/ higher increase)
(60% w/ higher increase)
HS2126 12 16
(20 w/ higher increase)
(66% w/ higher increase)
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