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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
For a similarly named sniper rifle, see MSR.

The SMR, referred to as Saritch in the game files, is a semi-automatic (fully-automatic in the campaign), bullpup assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It has the highest damage per shot of all assault rifles in multiplayer.


"Fully automatic assault rifle. High damage with a low rate of fire."
— Campaign Description

The SMR is available at the start of the future missions. It is fully-automatic by default, unlike its multiplayer and Zombies counterpart.


"Semi-automatic assault rifle. Highest damage per round in class."
Create-A-Class Description

The SMR is unlocked at level 46, along with the Skorpion EVO.

The SMR has the highest damage in its class. At any range short of 25 meters, the SMR will deal 59 damage per bullet, needing two hits to kill. At any range between 25 meters and 37.5 meters, the SMR will deal 55 damage per bullet, needing two hits to kill. At any range past 37.5 meters, the SMR will deal 49 damage per bullet, needing three hits to kill. The SMR past 37.5 meters comes extremely close to netting a two hit kill, as landing two body shots on a distant target will deal 98 damage total. An enemy that was previously injured from almost anything when the SMR user fires at them could potentially die in two shots. Getting one headshot ensures that the SMR can get a two hit kill at any distance. The SMR is always a one hit kill in Hardcore game types, and can even get one hit kills through walls. The SMR has high penetration power, allowing the SMR to retain much of its damage when shooting through surfaces. The SMR's two hit kill range is significantly longer than that of the FAL OSW, and the SMR retains the two headshot kill at all ranges, unlike the FAL OSW.

The SMR's fire rate is poor. It is semi-automatic, and the firecap is set at 535 RPM. This is the second slowest overall fire rate in the assault rifle category, with only the SWAT-556 having a slower overall fire rate. This heavily limits the SMR's potential in close quarters combat.

The SMR's accuracy is among the worst in its class. The SMR's iron sights are somewhat clean, albeit in an unusual design. The SMR's recoil per shot is heavy, as the SMR has no downwards recoil value, meaning that the SMR will kick upwards with every shot. The SMR also has notable recoil to the right, and not much recoil to the left. The SMR's bad recoil per shot is also compounded by the SMR's centerspeed. The SMR's centerspeed is the worst in-class, at 1275. The SMR combines constant upwards recoil with a poor centerspeed, and this can force users into limiting how fast they fire the SMR at certain ranges.

The SMR has the worst handling traits in its class. The SMR allows users to move at 95% of the base speed, and strafe at 40% of the base speed, like any other assault rifle. The SMR is tied with the FAL OSW for the worst hip-fire accuracy in its class. Combined with the SMR's low fire rate, the SMR is extremely unreliable in CQC. The SMR also has a slightly longer aim down sight time than all other assault rifles, aiming down the sight in 275 milliseconds, whereas the normal aim down sight time for an assault rifle is 250 milliseconds. Finally, the SMR has by far the slowest reload speeds in its class, with the reload animation taking 2.7 seconds long, or 3.2 seconds if the magazine was empty. In either case, the user can perform a Reload Cancel after 2 seconds. The SMR far and away has the slowest reload speeds in its class, as every other assault rifle's reload cancel speed is at least 15% faster than the SMR's reload cancel. The sluggish handling traits overall, combined with the poor fire rate, make the SMR quite bad at close ranges, where slick handling is needed. The SMR is not geared towards aggressive usage at all.

The SMR also has the worst magazine capacity in-class, at just twenty rounds per magazine. This also gives the SMR the smallest starting ammo loadout in its class, with a mere eighty rounds upon spawn. The SMR can make good use of what little ammo it has available, since it does have great damage and a slow fire rate, but the user can burn through those eighty rounds quite quickly. The small magazine capacity further exacerbates the SMR's reloading woes, as reloads will both be long and frequent.

The SMR has the standard assortment of assault rifle attachments available. The Reflex Sight and EOTech Sight both provide an electronical, alternative sight picture as opposed to the iron sights, with the EOTech Sight providing a slightly higher 1.5x magnification over the Reflex Sight and iron sights' 1.35x magnification. These attachments prove useful for users who do not like to use the iron sights. Generally speaking, the Reflex Sight should be avoided, since it has no functional difference from the iron sights besides the fact that the reticle can be temporarily removed by EMP effects. Still, precision is a virtue with the SMR, as the SMR is overly dependent on precision due to the slow fire rate.

The Quickdraw Handle cuts the aim down sight time of the SMR down to 165 milliseconds, making aiming much quicker. The Quickdraw Handle is a misfit attachment on the SMR, as the Quickdraw Handle is best served for a more aggressive user, and the SMR is best used in a more reserved, defensive role. Still, the Quickdraw Handle is without downside, and it does address the SMR's unique weakness of a slower aim speed.

Fast Mag and Extended Clip should both be seriously considered for use on the SMR. The SMR combines a slow reload with a poor magazine capacity. Using one of these attachments makes reloads either less dangerous or less frequent. Extended Clip will increase the SMR's magazine capacity to 26 rounds, and increase the starting ammo loadout to 104 rounds. Fast Mag is best used for a more aggressive SMR user, while Extended Clip is best for a more reserved user who doesn't mind the slower reloads.

The ACOG Scope is a long range optical attachment that gives a very high magnification on target. Unlike the ACOG Scope of previous Call of Duty games, the ACOG Scope in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer does not make the aim down sight time longer, nor is centerspeed reduced. The ACOG Scope is a great fit on the SMR, which performs best at long range combat. The ACOG Scope also gives a very slight centerspeed increase, although it's too small to really notice.

The Foregrip increases the centerspeed extremely slightly, from 1275 to 1300. The Foregrip should not be used on the SMR, nor on any weapon in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer for that matter, since the centerspeed increase the Foregrip provides is far too small to be worth the point spend, and the effect borders on unnoticeable.

The Adjustable Stock significantly increases the SMR's strafe speed to 88%, more than double the default. The Adjustable Stock allows users to maintain swift movement while keeping the SMR's sights raised. Such a severe increase in strafe speed can be awkward to get accustomed to though, and the fact that the SMR is best used in a more stationary role makes the Adjustable Stock's value questionable on the SMR. If the user likes to use the Adjustable Stock on other assault rifles and LMGs, it should be used on the SMR to maintain a similar feel with regards to movement and aiming.

The Target Finder is, much like the ACOG Scope, a great thematic pairing with the SMR. The Target Finder increases the innate zoom level to that of the EOTech Sight, and will highlight enemies found in the Target Finder with a red diamond, facilitating target acquisition. The Target Finder does severely limit peripheral vision, however, reducing the situational awareness of the SMR user. Cold-Blooded users will not be highlighted by a red diamond. Despite these drawbacks, the Target Finder is a worthy choice for a user looking to make the SMR dominate at long range.

The Laser Sight significantly tightens the SMR's hip-fire spread. This attachment is pointless on the SMR. Although the hip-fire accuracy is much better with the Laser Sight, the SMR still doesn't perform well in close quarters. Users are better off switching to a secondary Pistol instead of relying on the SMR's close quarters capabilities.

Select Fire gives the user the option to use the SMR in a fully automatic configuration, but this comes with the following penalties:

  • The SMR's two hit kill range is reduced from 37.5 meters to 34 meters.
  • The SMR's maximum fire rate in full auto is reduced from 535 RPM to 416 RPM.
  • The SMR's centerspeed is reduced from 1275 to 1250.

Compared to the FAL OSW, the SMR's penalties when using the fully automatic configuration are far less punishing, as the SMR retains most of its accuracy, whereas the FAL OSW's centerspeed is cut by 650 points, and the SMR's two hit kill is minorly compromised, whereas the FAL OSW's much shorter two hit kill range is cut by more than half. The SMR is definitely the better of the two semi-automatic assault rifles to use Select Fire on, but users should try to do without this attachment, as the fire rate granted from Select Fire is quite low, and many users can outperform it. Users should only use this if their trigger fingers are extremely poor.

The Suppressor removes muzzle flash, makes the SMR's firing sound quieter, and prevents the SMR from revealing the user on the mini-map when firing. This comes at the cost of the SMR's two hit kill range, as the SMR's two hit kill range is reduced to 26 meters. The SMR's range is one of the only positive attributes that the SMR has over other assault rifles, and it is the main stat that gives the SMR any niche over the FAL OSW. The Suppressor should be avoided at all costs, as pretty much any other assault rifle is a better fit for the Suppressor.

FMJ increases the SMR's penetration power and the damage the SMR can deal to aerial scorestreaks. FMJ is a great fit on the SMR, as it allows the SMR to shoot through walls with impressive efficiency. Thin cover will barely impede the SMR, and thick obstacles can be pierced by the SMR's bullets. This attachment plays to the SMR's strengths and should always be considered for usage.

The Hybrid Optic gives the SMR a Reflex Sight and an ACOG Scope in one sight unit. The Hybrid Optic is versatile and a great choice for those who want to use both optics on the SMR. The only major issue as a sight is that it is incompatible with Select Fire and the Grenade Launcher, which can pose problems for those wanting to use said attachments.

The Grenade Launcher provides two grenades with which the user can fire. The Grenade Launcher has a safe distance at which it will not explode. Directly hitting an enemy with the Grenade Launcher - even a Flak Jacket user - will instantly kill the enemy. The Grenade Launcher has significantly improved minimum damage compared to previous incarnations, as the user will never need more than two hits with the Grenade Launcher to kill an enemy not using Flak Jacket, but the one hit kill radius of the Grenade Launcher has been made worse than in Black Ops to compensate. The Grenade Launcher also has its reload speed improved when using Fast Mag. As such, the Grenade Launcher should usually be paired with Fast Mag to make the most out of the Grenade Launcher.

The MMS provides an extremely low-zoom optic that can highlight stationary enemies through walls up to a certain range. The MMS can function well on the SMR, as the SMR has high penetration power by default. However, the MMS has several limitations, as the MMS cannot highlight enemies if they are moving, if they are too far away, or if the enemy is using Cold-Blooded.



"Naming such an ineffective weapon after an animal noted for its teeth seems somewhat misleading."
Marlton Johnson, when obtaining the weapon from the Mystery Box in Die Rise.

The SMR appears in the Zombies game mode and can be acquired from the Mystery Box for 950 points and is semi-automatic. The SMR has bad accuracy, as the bullets spread even when aiming down the sights; for this reason, it is mostly better to just hip-fire, as the accuracy loss is almost negligible, and it allows the player to have a wider field of view (due to the lack of ADS zoom) and move more quickly. The SMR also has low damage; combined with the SMR's accuracy deficiency, this usually makes the SMR require many shots to dispatch a few zombies. However, the SMR has a decent amount of ammunition, holding a total of 160 rounds, making it so the SMR can be used somewhat effectively in the early rounds to get points.

When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the SM1L3R. It has a 30-round magazine, 420 rounds in reserve (390 starting ammo when taking it from the PaP machine, but the 420 limit is attained with Max Ammo), increased damage, and has a Hybrid Optic with a smiley face by default. Like most 2025 weapons, it can be Pack-a-Punched multiple times, to cycle through a Target Finder, a Millimeter Scanner, and a Reflex Sight; each of these attachments reduce the reserve ammo to 210. The SM1L3R still has a bullet spread while aiming down the sights (although it isn't as big of a spread), and its damage is still quite shallow compared to other weapons. For this reason, many players generally avoid Pack-a-Punching the SMR into the SM1L3R, and due to the SMR's weaknesses, many players detest and generally avoid the SMR altogether.


SMR BOII.png SM1L3R First Person BO2.png
Damage 80-60 120-110
Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Rate of fire 535 RPM 535 RPM
Magazine size 20 30
Max ammo 140+20 420+30 (210+30 when upgraded the second and following times)
Mobility Medium Medium
Extras More ammo, larger magazine, much better accuracy, higher damage
Possible Attachments Hybrid Optic (first time only), Target Finder, Reflex Sight, Millimeter Scanner.


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  • The SM1L3R will always have a Hybrid Optic with a Smiley face (hence the name "SMILER") for both the Reflex Sight and the zoomed optics.
  • When aimed into an ACOG with the Grip attached, there is visual recoil 'bounce', but without the Grip attached, there is not.
  • An "SMI" logo can be seen when reloading.