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For a similarly named sniper rifle, see MSR.
"Semi-automatic assault rifle. Highest damage per round in class."
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The SMR, or Saritch as referred to in the game files, is a semi-automatic (fully-automatic in the campaign), bullpup assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It has the highest damage per shot of all assault rifles in multiplayer.


The SMR is available at the start of the future missions. It is fully-automatic by default, unlike its multiplayer and Zombies counterpart.


The SMR is unlocked at level 46, along with the Skorpion EVO.

The SMR acts as the slower firing, semi-automatic assault rifle in Black Ops II. Unmodified, it can deal two-shot kills up close. However, it'll need three shots at a distance. However, for the playstyle of this weapon, that difference is fairly minimal. To add on to that, the SMR has a two-headshot kill at all ranges, making the time to kill extremely consistent.

Handling of it is quite poor. Its hip-fire prowess is very lacking, due to the wide spread and low rate of fire. As well, this low rate of fire proves to be a strong liability in close quarters combat, as faster-firing weapons will easily dispatch of the user. Shooting faster than the firecap allows tends to result in the gun pausing between shots, making a careful trigger finger a must. The recoil per shot is also rather high. This, combined with the lower firecap, will strongly discourage players from using their trigger fingers with this weapon. The reload time is very slow; and due to the small 20 round magazine, this causes the gun to have extremely long amounts of down time.

Many players will prefer attachments that can boost their personal handling of the weapon. For an example, using Fast Mag or Extended Mags can be extremely beneficial to many. As well, the iron sights on this weapon are not pinpoint accurate for many players. As such, optical attachments are often a good choice when using this weapon, as at medium ranges, not being able to see the target clearly can be an Achilles Heel to a long range weapon. FMJ improves the SMR's already excellent penetration, making it easier to kill players through light cover.

Overall, this weapon finds a great niche at medium range, as it can kill a player in two shots up to about 35 meters, which is an extremely long distance. Using this range to your advantage will allow many players to plow through their opponents, even from a distance away.



The SMR appears in the Zombies game mode and can be acquired from the Mystery Box for 950 points and is semi-automatic. The SMR has bad accuracy, as the bullets spread even when aiming down the sights; for this reason, it is mostly better to just hip-fire, as the accuracy loss is almost negligible, and it allows the player to have a wider field of view (due to the lack of ADS zoom) and move more quickly. The SMR also has low damage; combined with the SMR's accuracy deficiency, this usually makes the SMR require many shots to dispatch a few zombies. However, the SMR has a decent amount of ammunition, holding a total of 160 rounds, making it so the SMR can be used somewhat effectively in the early rounds to get points.

When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the SM1L3R. It has a 30-round magazine, 420 rounds in reserve, increased damage, and has a Hybrid Optic with a smiley face by default. Like most 2025 weapons, it can be Pack-a-Punched multiple times, to cycle through a Target Finder, a Millimeter Scanner, and a Reflex sight (each of these attachments reduce the reserve ammo to 210). The SM1L3R still has a bullet spread while aiming down the sights (although it isn't as big of a spread), and its damage is still quite shallow compared to other weapons. For this reason, many players generally avoid pack-a-punching the SMR into the SM1L3R, and due to the SMR's weaknesses, many players detest and generally avoid the SMR altogether.


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  • The SM1L3R will always have a Hybrid Optic with a Smiley face (hence the name "SMILER") for both the Reflex Sight and the zoomed optics.
  • When aimed into an ACOG with the Grip attached, there is visual recoil 'bounce', but without the Grip attached, there is not.
  • An "SMI" logo can be seen when reloading.


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