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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Camouflage Image Availability
Default SVG-100 Model BO3 Default
Arctic File:SVG-100 Arctic BO3.png Get 100 kills
Jungle File:SVG-100 Jungle BO3.png Get 200 kills
Huntsman File:SVG-100 Huntsman BO3.png Get 400 kills
Woodlums File:SVG-100 Woodlums BO3.png Get 650 kills
Mindfulness File:SVG-100 Mindfulness BO3.png Dropped by enemies in the campaign
Jungle Tech SVG-100 Jungle Tech BO3 Get 5 One Shot, One Kill medals
Ash SVG-100 Ash BO3 Get 10 One Shot, One Kill medals
Flectarn SVG-100 Flectarn BO3 Get 15 One Shot, One Kill medals
Heat Stroke SVG-100 Heat Stroke BO3 Get 20 One Shot, One Kill medals
Snow Job SVG-100 Snow Job BO3 Get 30 One Shot, One Kill medals
Dante SVG-100 Dante BO3 Get 40 One Shot, One Kill medals
Integer SVG-100 Integer BO3 Get 50 One Shot, One Kill medals
6 Speed SVG-100 6 Speed BO3 Get 75 One Shot, One Kill medals
Policia SVG-100 Policia BO3 Get 100 One Shot, One Kill medals
Ardent SVG-100 Ardent BO3 Get 10 Longshot medals
Burnt SVG-100 Burnt BO3 Get 50 kills with no attachments equipped
Bliss SVG-100 Bliss BO3 Get 50 kills with an optic and 5 attachments equipped
Battle SVG-100 Battle BO3 Get 5 Double Kill medals with both kills coming from the SVG-100
Chameleon SVG-100 Chameleon BO3 Get 5 Bloodthirsty medals with all kills coming from the SVG-100
Gold SVG-100 Gold BO3 Complete all camouflage unlocks for the SVG-100
Diamond SVG-100 Diamond BO3 Earn Gold camouflage for all sniper rifles
Dark Matter SVG-100 Dark Matter BO3 Earn Diamond camouflage for all weapon classes
Contagious SVG-100 Contagious BO3 Get 50 kills
Fear SVG-100 Fear BO3 Get 100 kills
WMD SVG-100 WMD BO3 Get 200 kills
Red Hex SVG-100 Red Hex BO3 Get 400 kills
Lucid File:SVG-100 Lucid BO3.png Salvation
Black Market
Contrast File:SVG-100 Contrast BO3.png File:SVG-100 Contrast Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Dust File:SVG-100 Dust BO3.png File:SVG-100 Dust Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Field SVG-100 Field BO3 File:SVG-100 Field Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Inferno SVG-100 Inferno BO3 File:SVG-100 Inferno Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Hallucination SVG-100 Hallucination BO3 SVG-100 Hallucination Supply Drop Card BO3
Royal SVG-100 Royal BO3 SVG-100 Royal Supply Drop Card BO3
Stealth File:SVG-100 Stealth BO3.png File:SVG-100 Stealth Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Timber SVG-100 Timber BO3 File:SVG-100 Timber Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Verde SVG-100 Verde BO3 File:SVG-100 Verde Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Energeon File:SVG-100 Energeon BO3.png File:SVG-100 Energeon Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Halcyon File:SVG-100 Halcyon BO3.png File:SVG-100 Halcyon Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Heat File:SVG-100 Heat BO3.png File:SVG-100 Heat Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Infrared File:SVG-100 Infrared BO3.png File:SVG-100 Infrared Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Jungle Party File:SVG-100 Jungle Party BO3.png File:SVG-100 Jungle Party Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Pixel File:SVG-100 Pixel BO3.png File:SVG-100 Pixel Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Spark File:SVG-100 Spark BO3.png File:SVG-100 Spark Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Sunshine File:SVG-100 Sunshine BO3.png File:SVG-100 Sunshine Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Violet File:SVG-100 Violet BO3.png File:SVG-100 Violet Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Firebrand SVG-100 Firebrand BO3 SVG-100 Firebrand Supply Drop Card BO3
Gem SVG-100 Gem BO3 File:SVG-100 Gem Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Intensity File:SVG-100 Intensity BO3.png File:SVG-100 Intensity Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Light File:SVG-100 Light BO3.png File:SVG-100 Light Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Swindler File:SVG-100 Swindler BO3.png File:SVG-100 Swindler Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Etching File:SVG-100 Etching BO3.png File:SVG-100 Etching Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Haptic File:SVG-100 Haptic BO3.png File:SVG-100 Haptic Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Ice File:SVG-100 Ice BO3.png File:SVG-100 Ice Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Monochrome File:SVG-100 Monochrome BO3.png File:SVG-100 Monochrome Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Prestige File:SVG-100 Prestige BO3.png File:SVG-100 Prestige Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Ritual File:SVG-100 Ritual BO3.png File:SVG-100 Ritual Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Storm SVG-100 Storm BO3 File:SVG-100 Storm Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Transgression File:SVG-100 Transgression BO3.png File:SVG-100 Transgression Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Wartorn File:SVG-100 Wartorn BO3.png File:SVG-100 Wartorn Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Amethyst File:SVG-100 Amethyst BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Arcane Fire File:SVG-100 Arcane Fire BO3.png Camo Bribe (Grand Slam)
Atomic Fire File:SVG-100 Atomic Fire BO3.png Camo Bribe (Grand Slam)
Black Ops III SVG-100 Black Ops III BO3 Black Ops III Personalization Pack
Bloody Valentine File:SVG-100 Bloody Valentine BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Awarded (Limited)
C.O.D.E Warriors File:SVG-100 C.O.D.E. Warriors BO3.png C.O.D.E Warriors Personalization Pack (US only)
Cherry Fizz File:SVG-100 Cherry Fizz BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Cloud9 File:SVG-100 Cloud9 BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
COD XP File:SVG-100 COD XP BO3.png Call of Duty XP 2016 code activation
Cosmic File:SVG-100 Cosmic BO3.png Headshot Community Challenge 2
CWL Champions File:SVG-100 CWL Champions BO3.png CWL Champions Personalization Pack
Cyborg SVG-100 Cyborg BO3 Cyborg Personalization Pack
Dragon Fire SVG-100 Dragon Fire BO3 Headshot Community Challenge 1
eLevate File:SVG-100 eLevate BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Emerald File:SVG-100 Emerald BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Empire File:SVG-100 Empire BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Epsilon eSports File:SVG-100 Epsilon eSports BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Excellence File:SVG-100 Excellence BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
FaZe Clan File:SVG-100 FaZe Clan BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Garnet File:SVG-100 Garnet BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Hive File:SVG-100 Hive BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Into the Void File:SVG-100 Into the Void BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Luck of the Irish File:SVG-100 Luck of the Irish BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Millenium File:SVG-100 Millenium BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
MindFreak File:SVG-100 MindFreak BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
Nuk3Town SVG-100 Nuk3Town BO3 Nuk3Town Personalization Pack
Nv File:SVG-100 Nv BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
OpTic Gaming File:SVG-100 OpTic Gaming BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
OrbitGG File:SVG-100 OrbitGG BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
Overgrowth File:SVG-100 Overgrowth BO3.png Awarded (Limited)
Permafrost File:SVG-100 Permafrost BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Rise Nation File:SVG-100 Rise Nation BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Sapphire File:SVG-100 Sapphire BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Splyce File:SVG-100 Splyce BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Supremacy File:SVG-100 Supremacy BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Tainted Minds File:SVG-100 Tainted Minds BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
Take Out File:SVG-100 Take Out BO3.png Take Out Personalization Pack
Team EnVy File:SVG-100 Team EnVy BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Team Infused File:SVG-100 Team Infused BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Team LDLC File:SVG-100 Team LDLC BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Topaz File:SVG-100 Topaz BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
True Vet File:SVG-100 True Vet BO3.png Loyalty Personalization Pack
Underworld SVG-100 Underworld BO3 Tools of the Trade contract
Watermelon File:SVG-100 Watermelon BO3.png Awarded (Limited)
Weaponized 115 SVG-100 Weaponized 115 BO3 Weaponized 115 Personalization Pack