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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
For the successor, see Swat RFT.
For a compact variant, see Grau 5.56.

The SWAT-556, also referred to as SIG556, is an assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


"Fully automatic assault rifle. High rate of fire with moderate recoil."
— Campaign description

The SWAT-556 is unlocked upon completing "Fallen Angel". It can also be found in the mission "Cordis Die" in the hands of Mercenaries.


"3 round burst assault rifle. High damage output in each burst."
— Description

The SWAT-556 is unlocked at level 10.

The SWAT-556 is a fair damage, long range assault rifle. At any range short of 56 meters, the SWAT-556 will deal forty damage per bullet, needing three shots to kill. At any range past 56 meters, the SWAT-556 will deal 33 damage per bullet, needing four shots to kill. The SWAT-556 deals forty percent extra damage on a headshot. A single headshot reduces the shots to kill by one at very long ranges, whereas two headshots at all other ranges will result in a two shot kill. The SWAT-556 has high penetration power, allowing the SWAT-556 to retain a large portion of its damage when shooting through walls. The SWAT-556 is a very long ranged weapon, and rarely will more than a burst's worth of bullets be needed to get a kill. The SWAT-556 gets a one shot kill at all ranges in Hardcore game types.

The SWAT-556's fire rate is very poor. As it is a burst fire assault rifle, the SWAT-556 fires at 937 RPM within the burst, but has a very long burst delay. The SWAT-556 has an overall fire rate of 483 RPM, which is the worst overall fire rate of all assault rifles. Up close, the SWAT-556 may be powerful, but its slow output makes the SWAT-556 a liability up close.

The SWAT-556's accuracy is superb for an assault rifle. The iron sights are pretty clean, but due to its role as a long range weapon, it's common to see a sight attachment equipped on the SWAT-556. The SWAT-556 has some of the softest recoil of any assault rifle. The SWAT-556 has recoil values of 35 to the left, 35 to the right, 45 upwards, and 20 downwards. All four of these recoil values are quite small, so the SWAT-556 moves minimally with each shot. The SWAT-556 also has a good centerspeed value of 1600. These accuracy attributes are very good on their own, but on a weapon with an overall fire rate of 483 RPM, the SWAT-556 will be among the most accurate assault rifles on offer.

The SWAT-556's handling characteristics are standard for an assault rifle. Users can move at 95% of the base movement speed when the SWAT-556 is deployed, but strafe at just forty percent of the base movement speed. The SWAT-556 allows users to aim down the sight in 250 milliseconds, and the SWAT-556 has average hip-fire spread. The SWAT-556 has some of the fastest reload speeds of all assault rifles. The SWAT-556's reload animation is 2.12 seconds long, or 2.76 seconds long if the magazine is completely empty. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel after 1.25 seconds. The SWAT-556 has some of the fastest reload animations of all assault rifles, and its reload cancel speed is tied with the SCAR-H for the fastest among all assault rifles. Reloads are painless on the SWAT-556.

The SWAT-556 has an average magazine capacity of thirty rounds, and the user gets a starting ammo loadout of 120 rounds. This allows for ten bursts to be fired before needing to reload. Due to the burst fire limitation, good damage, and fast reloads, the user will not need to reload the SWAT-556 very often.

The SWAT-556 has the standard assortment of attachments available. The optical attachments are very popular to use on the SWAT-556 due to its long range inclination, but the iron sights are perfectly usable for those that want to save an attachment slot.

The Quickdraw Handle allows the user to aim down the sight in just 150 milliseconds, allowing users to snap onto target much more quickly. The Adjustable Stock allows the user to strafe at 88% of the base movement speed, more than doubling strafe speed, allowing users to remain mobile with the sights raised.

Fast Mag is mostly unnecessary since the SWAT-556 has little in the way of reload problems. Extended Clip only increases the SWAT-556's magazine capacity to 39 instead of the usual 40 so that the user doesn't have a one bullet burst remaining after firing thirteen bursts. Extended Clip will also slightly slow down the reload speeds, but they remain very fast.

The Foregrip increases the SWAT-556's centerspeed by two percent. The benefit is so small that the Foregrip is not worth using.

The Laser Sight tightens the SWAT-556's hip-fire accuracy by 37.5%. This makes the SWAT-556 much more precise from the hip, but the SWAT-556's CQC performance remains too inconsistent to be useful.

Select Fire is by far the most interesting attachment on the SWAT-556. The attachment provides the SWAT-556 a fully automatic setting, and differs wildly from the base SWAT-556 in the following ways:

  • The SWAT-556 in full auto will eventually drop off from 33 damage to 24 damage, forcing the SWAT-556 to take five shots to kill (or two shots in Hardcore game types), although a headshot will still reduce the shots needed to kill in these scenarios.
  • The three shot kill range of the SWAT-556 in full auto is reduced to just 2.5 meters.
  • The four shot kill range of the SWAT-556 in full auto is reduced to 32.5 meters.
  • The SWAT-556 fires fully automatically at 937 RPM with no burst delay.
  • The SWAT-556's left and right recoil values in full auto are increased from 35 to 40, slightly inflating horizontal recoil.
  • The SWAT-556 in full auto has its centerspeed reduced from 1600 to 1100.

Overall, these changes make the SWAT-556 monumentally less accurate, and the SWAT-556 also becomes much less lethal at medium ranges. The fully automatic SWAT-556 is very impractical for long range combat. Despite having a slew of disadvantages, the SWAT-556's highly increased overall fire rate will highly improve the SWAT-556's performance in close quarters combat. Select Fire is a very risky attachment, but the reward of highly improved CQC performance is very lucrative, and the user retains the properties of burst fire to fall back on for long range combat.

The Suppressor makes the SWAT-556's firing signature quieter, the SWAT-556 has much reduced muzzle flash, and the SWAT-556 will not reveal the player's position on radar as a red dot. However, the Suppressor reduces the SWAT-556's range values by thirty percent. The SWAT-556 has range to spare should one want the benefits of the Suppressor.

FMJ improves the SWAT-556's penetration power and damage dealt to scorestreaks. FMH allows the SWAT-556 to retain an even larger amount of its damage when shooting through objects, and the SWAT-556 can dispatch scorestreaks like the Guardian and Sentry Gun much more efficiently. The attachment is purely beneficial, but the user needs to make use of FMJ's benefits for it to be a useful attachment.

The Grenade Launcher provides two grenades with which the user can fire. Its explosive ordnance can prove quite useful. However, the Grenade Launcher best pairs with Fast Mag, an attachment the SWAT-556 has little use for.

Overall, the SWAT-556 is a weapon that can dominate at long range combat. The burst fire limitation leaves much less room for error in head-to-head gunfights, but quick kills can definitely be achieved with the SWAT-556, and the SWAT-556 is a weapon which gets better relative performance over range, as its supreme accuracy and very long range make the SWAT-556 just as effective at fifty meters as it is at five meters, whereas most other weapons face significant performance reduction at those longer ranges. In close quarters is where the SWAT-556 is at its weakest, as its poor overall fire rate makes the SWAT-556 a very slow killing weapon if the first burst does not kill an enemy. Burst Fire can be used to completely change the dynamic of the SWAT-556, allowing a fully automatic alternative that plays very similarly to a Type 25. The SWAT-556 is a weapon with a wide range of effectiveness depending on how well the user can make use of its advantages, either exclusively as a burst fire weapon, or when alternating between burst fire and full auto versions of the SWAT-556.



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  • In campaign mode, if the weapon is used with a Hybrid Optic, it will be referred to as "SIG556 Hybrid Optic" (same name as in beta footage and game files) in the HUD when using the higher zoom level, as opposed to "SWAT-556 Hybrid" with the lower zoom.
  • During the reload animation, it is possible to see that the first-person gun model has no pistol grip.
  • The Adjustable Stock attachment uses the SWAT-556's stock as its icon.
  • On the side it reads "SWAT-556 5.56 NATO, Guster INC, Manchester, NH, USA".
  • In the campaign, the SWAT-556 uses a basic black-and-white pick-up icon, akin to the previous games in the series, rather than the detailed fully colored one seen in multiplayer.
  • When reloading if the SWAT-556 is out of ammo, the used and totally empty magazine still has some bullets in it.