Sergeant Sabir[1] Volok was a tank commander in the Red Army who commanded a T-34 and partook in Operation: Little Saturn.

Volok's tank was stuck in a warehouse near the end of the level "Operation Little Saturn", with Germans on his tank, trying to get in. He radioed for assistance, soon followed by the arrival of Major Badanov's tank to shoot the Germans off the tank.

Later, in Airfield Ambush, Volok told Badanov that the Germans had barricaded themselves inside the communications tower. Lt. Vidov called reinforcements to take once Badanov arrived at the scene, though he is nowhere to be seen.

Dependent death Edit

If the player uses his machine guns, Volok drives from the ledge and thanks you; however, if the player does not, Volok's tank catches fire. It is not known whether he survives or not, seeing that his tank did not explode, giving him time to exit the tank and run for cover.

References Edit

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