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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII

Saboteur is a Basic Training perk featured in Call of Duty: World War II,  introduced in  The Resistance event.


Shortens the fuse of explosives and an extra piece of Lethal equipment.

With this basic training , Mk 2 grenades/Stielhandgranate and No 74 ST sticky grenades have reduced fuses when thrown , having practically been cooked. S-Mine 44s have a faster detontion time, making it harder for enemies to escape after it has been triggered. Satchel Charges used to be able to be detonated instantly , however this was changed to a 0.5 second delay after a patch.

Saboteur is a powerful basic training , allowing players to complement their primary and secondary weapons with two of any lethal equipment with shortened fuses. This allows players with equipment-heavy playstyles to benefit (even without using the Expeditionary Division) , as they can simply toss the equipment without cooking it , saving them time. However this is a double-edged sword; long range grenade throws are no longer a possibility as the grenades tend to explode in mid-air , being wasted.

Using this basic training in tandem with the Expeditionary Division is not reccommended (unless using Satchel Charges) as Expeditionary I already grants two lethals , only giving the effect of shorter fuses.