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For two campaign levels, see Safehouse and Safehouse (Online).

The Safe House[1] is a feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is a campaign-only feature that allows the player to regroup, create loadouts, and more. It is unlocked by completing the campaign mission "New World".

There are three different safe houses which are accessible. The one that is used depends on what mission the player is on. If the player has finished the campaign and hasn't played any levels, it will be the second safe house.



The Armory is where players create their own class loadouts, a lot like in Create-A-Class. It is a table with a rack of guns on it, and can be found in the middle of the safe house. Players select many of the things they do in multiplayer, except Perks are replaced with Tactical Rigs and players are not limited by the Pick Ten System.


Collectibles is a feature that allows the player to view the Collectibles they have collected in the campaign, and put a few of them on display. Collectibles are separated into three categories: small, medium, and large. There is a separate shelf for each set of items to be placed on. This feature can be accessed in the small room the player spawns in.


The "Wardrobe" feature allows the player to change Player's helmet, uniform, and the character's face. The feature is found in the room the player spawns in, and is in the form of a locker.

Service RecordEdit

Service Record is a feature that allows the player to view several notable medals that can be earned. It is in the form of a frame with unused hinges where the medals would go, and is located in the room the player spawns in.

When the player has collected a medal, its hinge on the frame will have said medal hanging from it.

Cyber CoresEdit

Main article: Cyber Cores

The player can upgrade and buy Cyber Cores with Fabrication Kits using this feature. This is located in the middle of the safe house.

Weapon BuilderEdit

Weapon Builder is a feature that allows the player to use the Gunsmith and Paintshop features. It is located in the middle of the safe house.


Deploy, also known as Next Mission when the player gets close to it, allows the player to start the next mission in the campaign. It is in the form of a door.

Mission RecordsEdit

Mission Records is a feature that allows the player to view their records from campaign missions. It takes the form of a bunch of computer screens together, and is right near the Deploy door.

Data VaultEdit

Main article: Data Vault

The Data Vault has many uses, from using a special web browser/codex on it to changing the player's Calling Cards and Emblem. It is in the form of a futuristic computer, and is in the room the player starts in.

Combat ImmersionEdit

Main article: Combat Immersion

Combat Immersion is a feature the player can access to do a training program simulation where the player fights up to sixteen rounds of enemies. It is represented as four different chairs in a circle around a set of monitors, with more screens in the back of the area. It is located in a corner of the safe house.

When a player gets close to one of the chairs, it will spin around to face the player.


  • On some screens scrolling text in Safe Houses, the line "Loading boot_restart_variables: d:\server_base\", can be found.
  • If the player waits long enough at the safe house, I Live can be heard.


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