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|race = Caucasian
|race = Caucasian
|image = [[File:SalenKotch IW.png|300px]]
|image = [[File:SalenKotch IW.png|300px]]
|nationality = {{W|Cydonia (region of Mars)|Cydonian}}
|nationality = {{W| Norwegian}}
|birth = Mars
|birth = Mars
|sex = Male
|sex = Male

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"Today, the Front embarks on a conquest. Here and now, we will eradicate the authority and influence of the Earth! Our world is just beginning. Theirs is dying! It is not enough to break free. We will break them! Their cities will burn along with the pages of their history. Mars aeternum."
— Salen Kotch before the Geneva attack.

Admiral Salen Kotch is the main antagonist in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He is the Admiral of the Settlement Defense Front's 8th Orbital Fleet and the commander of the Premiere-class Supercarrier Olympus Mons, the largest warship ever built.


Kotch was a ruthless leader who was willing to do anything to defeat the UNSA, and was one of the most feared men in the solar system while commanding the Olympus Mons. He was just as merciless on the ground, as shown when he had SCAR Team Seven brutally executed after feigning sympathy towards them.

He believes in victory at any cost and is willing to sacrifice his own men or even his ship and own life if it means devastation to the people of Earth. Overall, he is fanatically devoted to defeating the forces of Earth and controlling the solar system, even if it means his own death. According to his file, it was at the International Naval War College in Oslo, as an exchange officer, that he found the concepts of freedom, sympathy and mercy to be weaknesses that cannot be tolerated.

Kotch seems to be an opposite parallel Nick Reyes, as Reyes cares highly about his men and will do anything to save them, whereas Kotch is willing to let his men die and considers civilian casualties acceptable in his ultimate goal of defeating the UNSA. Furthermore, his treatment of his subordinates is so ruthless that he is willing to shoot one of his soldiers just to show a member of SCAR team that caring is a weakness, after the murder he executes the entire team regardless.

Captain's Log

"Admiral Salen Kotch is one of the most ruthless, brilliant, self-assured and capable naval tyrants to ever command a modern warship. As a boy, Kotch was fostered in the post-Secession War Mars. His only knowledge of the third planet from the sun was the carefully controlled narrative propagated by the Settlement Defense Front."
— Captain's Log


  • "Care clouds judgement. That is why you cannot win."
  • "This place... isn't yours anymore."
  • "You lack what it takes to win this war."
  • "Those who want to live must wage war. Those who don't want war don't deserve to live."
  • "Death is no disgrace."
  • "Mars aeternum."



  • His card on the Most Wanted board is the Ace of Spades.
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