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"A snow-covered junkyard. Lots of fast-paced action."
— In-game description

Salvage is a medium-sized multiplayer map included in the Stimulus Package for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


Salvage is a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars. This setting provides a lot of cover, yet the map is very open in several areas, with many long sightlines.

The house at the North of the map, contains a shrine to Imran Zakhaev, and is a very prominent location on the map. This area is often heavily fortified by players due to its ease of access as well as its central position, which overlooks key areas. South of the house and kennel, there is a car crusher, which from the top, looks down towards two large warehouses at the far end of the map. There is also a dog house outside for players to hide in. Since going prone is required to enter it, players equipped with a Riot Shield cannot enter unless they switch to their secondary weapon.


  • The uniforms of the Task Force 141 differ from their other winter camouflage uniforms. Instead, certain classes are given new appearances, such as the submachine gunners having a yellow-ish uniform, LMG users having CADPAT camouflage pants and snipers having a variant of the U.S. Navy SEALs sniper model.
  • On the western side of the map, near the attackers' spawn, there is a building full of diagrams of weapons. The weapons are a Dragunov, an AKM and a Makarov (like the ones in "Killhouse"). There is also a blue print and CCTV photos from the Zakhaev International Airport, and plans for the airport assault.
    • In the same house, if the player goes up to the second floor and looks up, a blow-up sex doll is visible on the rafters. This is also seen in Estate.
    • Also in the Zakhaev house, on the second floor, there is a poster with Russian writing that appears to detail Cold War Era U.S. military equipment, including an M113 APC and a Cobra helicopter.
    • If a player goes to the second floor of the house with the Zakhaev shrine, the OpFor symbol can be seen.
  • In a pile of rubble near C-flag, if one free spectates up into the secluded pit nearby (still inside the map; unreachable normally), there is the writing "ALEXANDER ROYCEWICZ 2010" and a teddy bear cut in half in the corner.
  • If the player goes outside the map in Spectator mode, the map is solid for a fair distance unlike the other maps that usually stop being solid after a little bit outside.
  • A book on Gerard van Honthorst can be found on the floor near the weapon diagrams.


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