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"Former BND agent Maxis is something of an enigma to her fellow operators. Despite delivering outstanding results in the field, her independent streak and the gaps in her background frequently confound her superiors."
— In-game Biography

Samantha Maxis is a character featured in Treyarch's Zombies mode. First introduced in the Aether story with Der Riese in Call of Duty: World at War as a little girl and daughter of Group 935's leader, Ludvig Maxis, Samantha serves as the main antagonist and Demonic Announcer in World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops until the map Moon, where she becomes a playable character during Richtofen's Grand Scheme.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Samantha is mentioned multiple times throughout the maps before making a return in Origins. Throughout Call of Duty: Black Ops III, she is mentioned multiple times while her voice is used as Demonic Announcer, as well as making a physical appearance later on. In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Samantha is featured both as an antagonist and an ally of the characters in their quest to save and restore the universe.

Samantha returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as part of the Dark Aether story. Now a full-grown adult, she plays a pivotal role in helping Requiem stop Omega Group from harnessing the power of the Dark Aether. A category of intel within the game is dedicated to her under the name "Maxis".

With Season Two of Black Ops Cold War, Samantha was released as a NATO operator for both Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone as part of the "Samantha Maxis Reactive Bundle".


Aether Story

Samantha Maxis was, reportedly, born to Ludvig Maxis and his unknown wife on November 5th, 1934. After his wife died during child birth, Maxis made sure Samantha was always close to him. Due to his research, however, he neglected her and failed to notice Richtofen's experiments on her. As the experiments went on, Richtofen discovered more about Samantha Maxis; as he learned more, he grew to hate her and Dr. Maxis, perhaps due to Maxis' attachment to her or due to what she and Maxis had become. When Richtofen trapped Samantha in the room with Fluffy, her dog, and activated the teleporter, she was teleported to Griffin Station. There in a panic, she accidentally came in contact with the M.P.D. and took control of the zombies. In an effort to stop her and free her so that Richtofen could operate it, Groph and Schuster found and brought Maxis to her. However, Maxis told her to kill them all and killed himself shortly after, sending Samantha over the edge and on a rampage to destroy all of the Group 935, which had betrayed and essentially killed Maxis. After Richtofen forcefully trades bodies with her to control the zombies, she and Richtofen's test subjects activate Maxis' backup plan and incinerate the Earth, leaving Richtofen trapped in her body and able to control the zombies on the Moon and the remaining zombies on Earth.

After the events of Moon, Samantha is left in Richtofen's body until her father's plan can come to fruition ten years later. After the final polarization device is activated in Maxis' favor in Buried, he is able to extract Samantha's soul from Richtofen's body. Maxis brings her soul into Agartha, however Maxis and Samantha see the corruption of each other. When a rift opens, Samantha reaches out to an alternate version of her father in a Group 935 excavation site in Northern France in Dimension 63. She begs for him to free her, carrying a message of warning from the ancients. Samantha speaks to Maxis constantly, to the point where he gets completely consumed by her voice, believing Samantha is "the key to everything". After the zombie outbreak at the site, she tries to convince the Primis selves of "Tank" Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski and Edward Richtofen to free her from Agartha. Samantha constantly talks to the characters, whispering threats and promises. Richtofen attempts to resist her, saying he knows what she truly is, but eventually falls to her demands as Primis opens the gateway and thus Samantha is freed.

After being freed from Agartha, she sends Primis to their next destination. Following this, she is brought to the "House" by Doctor Monty, where she reunites with the Dimension 63 version of her father. Realizing she was still corrupted by the Dark Aether, Monty takes her away for an unknown period of time, eventually bringing her back with her "innocence restored". Eventually, she meets Eddie, an innocent version of Richtofen's soul that Primis Richtofen brought to the House from Dimension 2210. They both play together in the House with toys that Monty brings them. After some time staying in the House with Eddie, the souls of Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai arrive at the House as children. This idyllic life is soon interrupted however; the Shadowman - still within the Summoning Key, exploits Maxis' lack of a soul to take control of his body. Using the Key's ability to bridge between dimensions, he unleashes the Apothicons from the Dark Aether, allowing them back into Agartha. To prevent their erasure from existence after their purpose is fulfilled, Richtofen has Primis drink blood from a dimension outside of Monty's control, unaware however that this is exactly what Monty wants, forcing Primis to have to be sent back to The Great War and the Cycle to continue.

After the Cycle is broken, Samantha and Eddie are teleported away from the House by her father, Maxis, to Camp Edward to prevent Monty from killing the both of them. Within the teleporter, she watched her father be devoured by the ancient Keeper, and unleashed her powers when arriving at Camp Edward in a fit of rage. She accompanies Primis and Ultimis into a forest, where the adults of the group celebrate and pass out drunk, save for Ultimis Richtofen and Primis Nikolai. She and Eddie are pulled away from the rest of the crew by Nikolai, who proceeds to ask her to kill the "one who perpetrated all of this", with Eddie cowering behind her. When Victis gathered the Agarthan Device for Primis Nikolai, Samantha stood by as she saw the rest of Primis and Ultimis lying dead on the floor, poisoned by the alcohol they had previously consumed. After giving Ultimis Richtofen his final death, Nikolai hands Samantha a revolver, knowing he too must die in order for the Aether to be destroyed. Before shooting Nikolai, Samantha asks Eddie to look away. After killing Nikolai, Samantha and Eddie find The Way Through, walking towards the light of a new universe, free from the Dark Aether's corruption, as all else is banished to the Dark Aether.

Dark Aether Story

"Formerly an agent in the West German BND, Samantha Maxis will go to any length and cross any line in her mission to uncover the truth about the Dark Aether and the two organizations she's caught between."
— Maxis Intel background

After she arrived in the new universe with no memory of what occurred in the universe before, Samantha Maxis grew up in West Germany in an orphanage before joining the Western Federal Intelligence Service in 1976. As an agent of the BND, she was in Iran during the Islamic Revolution of 1979 when the Shah was overthrown. As the CIA and Western intelligence agencies worked together to ensure the Shah's safe extraction to the United States, many diplomats and Western citizens were being left behind. Samantha was saved by the intervention of CIA officer Grigori Weaver who was willing to go off the books to extract her out of the country. This marked the beginning of a strong friendship between the two spies. At some point, she and Weaver attempted to save a "boy", but failed in the process, with them both believing him to be dead.

In 1983, Samantha noticed something was wrong within the BND with one of her colleagues, Dieter, warning her that the agency was pulling a list of all foreign nationals and defectors who worked for the BND in the five years prior. Soon after, she received a message from her contact within the KGB, Tatyana, talking about something from World War II they digged up from their archives called "Endstation" with a ground operation taking place in Poland. She warned Weaver about the matter but feared their conversations were spied on. She soon received a VHS tape with war footage of Endstation from Tatyana with the help of other contacts who were killed by the KGB shortly after. Samantha tasked Dieter to send the tape to Weaver and the CIA.

By early November 1983, several Outbreak Zones started to appear around the world. Samantha contacted Weaver and urged him to watch the tape while explaining to him that Endstation was the cause of the outbreaks and that Omega Group was behind all of it. This lead to the creation of Requiem with Weaver being one of its leaders. While Weaver offered his help to protect Samantha, she refused; arguing she must stay in the field. Believing the BND was compromised by Omega Group, she was now operating without authorization or oversight. Weaver sent men to retrieve Samantha, but she managed to fend them off and left Germany to meet a new contact within Omega Group, Sergei Ravenov, who she believed could be turned. After a stop in Romania, she traveled to Vietnam where an Omega base, Outpost 25, was located under the leadership of William Peck.

With the information provided by Ravenov, Samantha realized the full extent of Omega Group's plans: controlling the bridges between their world and the Dark Aether to harness and weaponize Aetherium to win the Cold War. Between May and June 1984, Samantha was captured while infiltrating Outpost 25. Interrogated by Peck, she was soon thrown in the Dark Aether after refusing to disclose information and withstanding torture, where she stayed trapped far longer than what it seemed from the real world as time flowed differently within the Dark Aether. Samantha survived the shadowy hellscape long enough to reflect on herself and her path. Two days later, she was rescued by Requiem which, with the help of Ravenov, infiltrated the overrun facility and opened a portal for her to escape. After battling an Orda, she followed Requiem as they were leaving the area while Ravenov rejoined Omega Group as a large operation was taking place in the Ural Mountains. Upon returning to Requiem HQ, Samantha Maxis was placed in a quarantine suite to help cleanse herself of Aetherium, where she revealed to Weaver in interrogations that she had been inside the Dark Aether for months, despite only being missing for roughly 48 hours in their reality. She also details a dream about seeing many faces, one of which was the face of a boy that she describes was "damaged" but nonetheless dangerous.

Sometime afterward, Samantha would have conversations with different members of Requiem, specifically Mackenzie Carver, Oskar Strauss and Elizabeth Grey. She would then reunite physically with Weaver, having a conversation about a "boy" that Weaver seemingly left behind to die in favor for Samantha.




Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Dark Aether (BOCW)
Aether Cover (WZ)
Legendary AetherCover Maxis BOCW.png Reactive Bundle Samantha Maxis



  • In Samantha's demonic room in Kino der Toten, her room features a Teddy Bear and a Monkey Bomb. It also has a crude replica of Der Riese complete with miniatures of the original characters.
  • In the house, Samantha has a pajama featuring a lot of Monkey Bombs.
    • According to Primis Richtofen, the Monkey Bomb started out as a toy for Samantha.
  • Ironically, Samantha likes teddy bears, however, her nickname for Richtofen is "Teddy".
  • According to a message in the Black Ops Data Servers, Samantha is around 6 to 10 years old at the time of her requesting a dog from her father.
    • It was later confirmed that Fluffy was given to Samantha on January 11, 1942 when she was 7 years old.
  • Richtofen often references her in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, claiming that she cheated when she was in control of the zombies.
    • Likewise, Samantha seems to think Richtofen does a poor job at controlling the zombies and demands he gives them stronger legs.
  • In Origins, after collecting Zombie Blood there is a chance at later rounds for the player to hear Samantha talking in a disturbing voice explaining the history of what she knows.
    • The same demonic voice was featured in Origins' intro as given by Treyarch.
  • In Der Eisendrache, inside Samantha's room the player can find a drawing of a Keeper appearing at the front of her bed. The room contains more paintings[1] of Samantha, including ones of Samantha with her dog Fluffy, and one featuring her dad, Ludvig Maxis.
  • The registered number on Samantha's passport in the loading movie of Die Maschine, 481516 S 2342, is a reference to the TV series Lost.
  • Samantha's blood type is AB-.
  • Within Firebase Z, the combat outfit that Samantha utilizes has multiple items that are similar to people from the Aether storyline:
  • Although her default skin is titled Dark Aether in Black Ops Cold War, the skin is called Aether Cover in Warzone.
  • After her time spent in the Dark Aether during Firebase Z, Maxis' eyes have developed a slight sensitivity to light, most notably when she is tired.[2]


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