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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"In a joint operation with the Egyptian Army, launch an air assault on the aquifer drilling platform - suspected location of the two remaining targets."
— Mission Briefing

"Sand Castle" is the ninth (fourth in Nightmares) level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. In an effort to secure Peter Maretti and John Taylor, the two remaining traitors from an Egyptian aquifer platform in Bawiti, Egypt, the Player, Jacob Hendricks and Rachael Kane join Zeyad Khalil and the Egyptian Army's attack on the aquifer in order to secure the two remaining targets.



Level Briefing

Encryption #4E-49-20-62. Protocol: Alpha

Operation Sand Castle is approved. Local assault support has been granted.

The abandoned Egypt Aquifer mobile drill platforms have been identified as the hideout.

Active Mission - Day 6

Pre-Mission Scrolling Text

Scrolling Text
AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-EGY. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Acting OIC: Juliet-Tango. QIC Juliet-Hotel Relieved. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-A Eyes Only. Encryption #4-ECH0-4-9-2-0-6-2. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Termination. Target KIA: COP Defector Juliet-Foxtrot. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 6. Our JAAT with the Egyptian Army proved both effective and. as it turns out. necessary. Upon approaching the AO, NRC Air Support was sighted moving on our Targets and DA was initiated before reaching our OZ. We moved in on the OZ to secure the remaining HVTs. With NRC forces entrenched inside the mobile drilling platforms of the old Aquifer project, our infiltration proved far more difficult than initially anticipated. With the assistance of the NRC. Target Stone was successfully extracted to an unknown location before we were able to secure him. Target Fierro was apprehended and terminated on site. Like Conrad, he appeared slightly delusional - convinced that the actions of his team were in the service of the greater good. In coordination with Lt. Khalil our LNO will continue to monitor comms for any chatter that may give some indication as to the location of our remaining Target. Current theory is that he is leveraging the support of the NRC in order to secure relationship with our LNO. I have no choice other than to rebut the allegations made - by offering my own account of the events that transpired. During the pursuit of our targets, I became trapped under water with no surface access. Close to death, it was LNO Kane who found a way to pull me from the water and perform lifesaving procedures. As I recovered from my near drowning. Kane expressed her own doubts regarding the mission's agenda, as well as her feelings for me - Suggesting that once the mission was complete, we could leave the military and start a civilian life together. I believe this was a brief lapse in professionalism on the part of Kane - borne out of stress, and should have no impact on our ability to complete the task before us. With the termination of Target Fierro, Hendricks displayed yet more signs of anger and emotional distress - Even suggesting that we were being deliberately misled by our LNO. As previously stated I cannot recommend removing him from duty at this time as he is still needed to achieve our goals, but I stand by my decision to remove him from his Commanding Post and assert myself as OIC for the remainder of the mission. Once we have confirmation on Stone's location, we will move to eliminate.



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  • Untouched: Complete this mission without dying.
  • Score: Complete this mission with a score of 25,000 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Find all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Raining Fire: Kill 90 enemies while piloting the Bullshark.
  • Bring Them Down!: Shoot down seven Wraiths.
  • Fill It With Holes: While piloting the Bullshark, destroy all A.S.P. units using only guns.
  • Fire For Effect: While piloting the Bullshark, kill five enemies with one missile.
  • Multiple K.I.A.: Kill ten enemies in under two seconds.
  • Phantom: Evade all missiles while eliminating the platform's air defenses.
  • TNT: Kill fifteen enemies with explosive containers.
  • Defense: Kill 45 enemies while defending Khalil's squad.
  • Destroy VTOLs: Destroy all VTOL troop carriers.
  • Dog Fight: While piloting the Bullshark, shoot down eight enemy VTOLs using only guns.
  • Evasive Manuever: Defeat Maretti without getting shot by Maretti.
  • All Too Powerful: Defeat Maretti using only Cyber Core powers.

Weapon Loadout

Field Ops Kit
Found in level




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