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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War.

Satchel Charge x2 is a Tier 1 perk in Call of Duty: World at War that gives the player two Satchel Charges. Similar to the perk C4 x2 in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it is meant to destroy tanks and can be used as a very deadly trap for either vehicles or infantry. The satchel charges have a much larger blast radius than the Bouncing Betty, but this can make them much more harmful to the user if they are detonated too close, and this can result in accidental team kills on Hardcore game modes.

In Game[]

Xbox 360 - Press left on the D-Pad to pull out a satchel, then use Left Trigger to throw satchels and Right Trigger to detonate them.

PlayStation 3 - Use the left D-Pad button, then "L1" to throw, and "R1" to detonate.

PC - Press 5 to select the charge, attack button (left mouse button) to wind up, Aim-Down-Sight to throw charge (right mouse button), then attack button a final time to detonate (left mouse).

Wii - Left D-pad button to use, Z to throw, B to detonate.

Note: Satchel charges on all versions of the game can be detonated by pressing the reload button twice in quick succession.

Satchel Charges can be used efficiently in Search & Destroy by planting them on top of the objectives, so once a bomb is planted by the enemy team, the detonated satchel charge will kill any surrounding enemies still in range. Satchel Charges can be used to quickly and efficiently used to destroy a tank. Two satchel charges placed underneath a tank will destroy the tank immediately, even with full health. This strategy should be used whenever a tank is present, as stopping the tank as quickly as possible will minimize casualties on your team. Charges are also very effective when the Fireworks perk is used in conjunction with them. The sound of the T-Plunger being used is rather loud, and this can alert other players to the user's position, and might get the player killed.


  • When used with Flak Jacket, and when the jump is timed correctly, the player can reach new heights previously unreachable. This is known as a "Satchel Jump," similar to grenade jumping in some games.
  • Throwing a satchel onto a tank's treads will nearly always destroy or disable the tank. This makes them arguably more useful against tanks than most other weapons.
  • A thrown satchel charge on a destroyed tank will stay and float in the air when the wreckage of the tank disappears.
  • A satchel charge thrown at another player will ricochet off.



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