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"They've got this area pre-sighted for mortar fire!"
— Scarecrow commenting on the mortar strike in "Loose Ends".

Scarecrow was an American soldier who served with Task Force 141 until his death, as seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He worked with the player in "Loose Ends".


Raiding Makarov's Safehouse

On August 15th, Scarecrow is chosen to accompany Ozone, Roach, and Ghost as they search for Vladimir Makarov at his supposed safehouse. On the way there, they were ambushed by Makarov's men, killing most of the men that were sent along with them. However, Scarecrow survived the initial attack and helps the survivors fend off the attackers. When they arrive at the safehouse, Scarecrow will secure the basement along with Roach if he chooses to. Scarecrow will tag along with Roach as they clear the rest of the safehouse. After the house is clear, Makarov is nowhere in sight. Scarecrow will then take photographs of the estate and the airport attack plans. Due to the fact that the safehouse holds a lot of information on Makarov, Roach plants a DSM on Makarov's computer on Ghost's orders.


After the DSM is set and downloading, Archer, a sniper that was assigned along with them, will inform them that a large force of Makarov's men is on the way to stop them from leaving with the valuable information. Scarecrow decides to defend the DSM right up front from anyone trying to destroy it. How Scarecrow dies is entirely up to the players actions. The most common way for him to die is from him valiantly doing a last stand before being overwhelmed by Makarov's troops. However, if Scarecrow survives the DSM's download, he will tag along with Ghost, Roach, and (if still alive) Ozone. If the player is quick enough, Scarecrow will survive the overwhelming amount of soldiers. When they make it to the extraction point Scarecrow will turn around and provide covering fire, only to be killed by a mortar.


  • In the beginning of "Loose Ends", when the player has to go prone because of the mines, the player can see Scarecrow and Ozone while staying crouched and remaining unharmed.
  • Scarecrow seems to have plot armor when the mission starts, but loses protection as soon as the player starts the download of the DSM.
  • In remastered, Scarecrow doesn't change his headgear appearance. He has a camouflage face and worn a beanie.
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