"Our drop didn't go as planned. Most of us are scattered across the French countryside. We've worked out a plan to "liberate" a Kraut vehicle to get us to Ste. Mere-Eglise. But time is short and we still haven't heard from our scout."
— Private David Ferguson, 82nd Airborne Division

"Scavenger Hunt" is the second mission for the American campaign in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.

Characters Edit

Pvt.Daniel Ferguson



The level begins with an Allied soldier gunned down as he runs for cover. The player should head out through the opening in front, and get on the nearby MG42. Take out all the Nazis attacking the players position.

After the Nazis have been killed, the player's squad mate will kick open the door to the player's left left. the player should follow the path down the street, taking out Nazis. A half-track will roll down the street towards the player.

The player should flank the half-track, but be careful, the half-track can kill you and your teammates because the gunner has a protective shield which prevents him from taking damage, go around and killing the gunner from behind. In order to do this properly move from the wrecked wall to the gap in the wall beside it and move to the half track while ducking under the small stairs. The player's buddy attempts to commandeer the vehicle, a Nazi with a Panzerschreck will take it out. Now the player will need to find an alternative means of getting out of there.

With the player's first hope for getting out of there a smoldering wreck, head to the right and enter the building. Advance towards the next objective, through the buildings, but be careful, because they’re filled with Nazis. Head upstairs into the house with the machine gun.

A squad of Nazis are attacking the players position. Get on the machine gun in the window, and fire on the Nazis down in the street below. After the player has killed them all, a second group will flank and head up the stairs behind the player. Take them out, and head out of the building.

Advance through the garage. the player will pass through a barracks full of Nazis, before ending up in the church graveyard.

Using the tombstones as cover, flank the half-track as before, and take out the gunner from behind. Once the player has done so, regroup with the squad, and the mission is complete.

Medal requirement/player statsEdit


  • Time: 8.45
  • Accuracy: 35%
  • Shots Fired: 400
  • Kills: 85
  • Head shots: 30


  • Time: 14.00
  • Accuracy: 30%
  • Shots Fired: 500
  • Kills: 70
  • Head shots: 20


  • Time: 20.00
  • Accuracy: 25%
  • Shots Fired: 600
  • Kills: 60
  • Head shots: 10


  • Even if the player kills the German scout attempting to warn the group of German soldiers at one point in the level, the player's ally will still say "Too late!", implying the player did not kill the German scout and that he got to warn the group of soldiers.



Starting Loadout
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