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"A staff with ranged healing and slowing capability."
— Description

The Scepter of Ra is a specialist wonder weapon found in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies maps Voyage of DespairIXDead of the Night, and Ancient Evil.

At level one, the scepter offers a basic melee attack, as well as a ranged attack consisting of a beam that slowly damages zombies, as well as slowing them down. The ranged attack can also be used to heal other players, as well as revive players who are down, restoring their lost perks.

At level two, the scepter offers resistance against Catalyst zombies as well as status effects while active.

At level three, the scepter can be planted at a location to create a defensive bubble that will slow down and damage any zombies who enter, as well as revive any downed players inside, restoring any lost perks.

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