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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For similar feature in Zombies, see Buildables.

Schematics are a feature in Extinction mode on the maps Mayday, Awakening and Exodus. Schematics are found throughout the maps and act as blueprints for special items that cannot be acquired otherwise on these maps.

Schematics are most commonly presented to the player in the form of a red workbench, and schematics are given in pairs. When a player interacts with a schematic for the item, they acquire the schematic, granting the player the ability to search for parts to build the item in the schematic. Having a schematic is required to interact with schematic search piles, which always appear as red toolboxes, and when interacting with the schematic search piles, the player can only receive parts that contribute towards the completion of the specified schematic, should the schematic be missing parts.

Some schematics are completed by acquiring a variant of a part. For instance, building a Venom-X or Venom Grenade schematic is completed by acquiring one of a few kinds of Biolum, and the Tesla Trap is completed by acquiring one of three kinds of battery. The player is able to pass up on taking the schematic part should it be undesirable. This is especially important to keep in mind, since schematic parts cannot be lost once they are taken without discarding or using up the entire schematic item, causing other searched items to go to waste. Some parts can also be used across multiple different schematics, such as Biolum and Grenade Housing.

Once the schematic has been completed, the player can enter their inventory menu (where the player invests their Skill Points into their skills) and then create the schematic.

If the constructed schematic is a lethal or tactical item, it will be immediately inserted into the player's inventory unless a schematic item is already in that slot (for instance, trying to build Venom Grenades when Pipe Bombs are already in the lethal slot), in which case the schematic will not be consumed, nor will the current special lethal equipment be discarded. If the player has standard lethal or tactical equipment in the slot - something that wasn't crafted - then the schematic will be crafted and inserted into the player's lethal or tactical slot, and the item that was there previously will instantly be placed on the ground at the player's position, which can be picked up again by any player not using Earn Your Keep. This allows the player to place certain items in places where a search box usually cannot be. If the constructed schematic is a buildable weapon, the weapon will be immediately granted unless the player is using Pistols Only. If the constructed schematic is a placeable item, the player will be prompted to place it down, and it activates once the player places it. Placeable item schematics can be moved and will expire over time.

Craftable weapon schematics can only be completed once per player. Craftable lethal or tactical equipment has no limit on how many a player can make, so long as the player has the space necessary in their inventory to accomodate crafting another set of the lethal or tactical equipment. A player can only have one of a craftable trap active at a time, but another can be crafted and deployed by the same player should the previous trap expire. If one player tries to have two traps acitive at once, the eldest trap will prematurely expire when the second trap is crafted.

Lethal and Tactical schematic items can be placed on the ground via swapping them out with another lethal or tactical item. This requires the player to find a separate lethal or tactical item to swap with.

If the player interacts with a schematic search pile when the player already has a completed schematic in their inventory, the schematic search pile will give a random schematic part that the player may not necessarily be able to use for that particular schematic.

The schematic does not need to be created immediately and can instead be saved for later, something that can come in very handy for the schematics that need to be placed like the Tesla Trap and the Hypno Trap. It also allows a player to have backup lethal or tactical equipment at the ready should the player already have lethal or tactical equipment crafted.

Schematic Locations[]

  • Mayday: Pipe Bombs and Sticky Flares are located in the first area in a room beside the right side catwalk in the boarding area. Hypno Traps and Tesla Traps are located in the second area in the break room, right next to a piece of Intel. Sticky Flares and Venom-X are located in the optional side door room in the cargo area that leads to the catwalk with the LSAT on it. Pipe Bombs and Venom-X are located again on the upper deck across from the Remote turret controller on the left side.
  • Awakening: Schematic locations are randomized on each playthrough of the map. All schematics are located in side areas, guarded by Cryptids. Each area has four schematics total.
  • Exodus: NX-1 Grenades and Hypno Traps are found inside the base next to a mounted Minigun. Venom Grenades and Sticky Flares are found near a truck along the road to the gas station. Tesla Traps and the NX-1 Disruptor are found in the middle of the car garage. Venom Grenades and Pipe Bombs are found atop a shelter next to a Tesla Anti-Air Defense System.

List of Schematics[]


  • The Architect (20Gamerscore) - Successfully build all of the Schematics in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.