Captain Price dumping Schmidt's body overboard.
Alias(es) Captain Schmidt
Appears in Call of Duty
Rank Korvettenkapitän (Lieutenant Commander)
Affiliations Kriegsmarine
Nazi Germany
Nationality German
Status Murdered
Killed By Price (maybe)
Birth Before 1939
Death October 27, 1944 (around 7 PM)
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Build Normal
Marks III reich flag on arm
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Race White
Weapon Maybe normal soldier weapons
Equipment Maybe normal soldier equipment
Timeline Call of Duty timeline
Voice Actor None
Voice Actress None
Actor None
Actress None
Level Battleship Tirpitz
"Wo ist der Kapitän Schmidt? (Where is the Captain Schmidt?)"
— Kriegsmarine Officer asking of Schmidt

Captain Schmidt was a Nazi officer and administrative official in the Kriegsmarine, stationed on the Battleship Tirpitz.


Stationed on the Tirpitz, Schmidt was given a temporary shore leave in Håkøya, Norway as his ship sustained repairs. With a skeleton crew manning the ship, the majority of sailors on shore leave, Schmidt and his driver sailed towards the Tirpitz, but were intercepted by Captain Price, Sergeant Waters and Sergeant Evans and executed. With the SAS Commandos donning Kriegsmarine uniforms, the three impersonated a crew of sailors, telling the inspection party that Schmidt had to go to an emergency meeting with Karl Dönitz.