Lieutenant Schreibner was an American airman who fought during World War II.


Schreibner was a navigator for 'B' Flight number 1, seen in the level "Liberators" in Call of Duty: Big Red One. Manning the same B-24 Liberator as "Stretch" Roger, Schreibner directs Stretch around the bomber, giving him orders on which positions to take before and while the flight is attacked by Luftwaffe aircraft.

Mission AppearancesEdit


  • Schreibner, like Glenn Hawkins and Alvin Bloomfield, is voiced by a member of the main cast of Band of Brothers. He is voiced by Scot actor Ross McCall, who played Joseph Liebgott in the miniseries.
  • His first name, John, is revealed after he requests permission to engage three German scout planes approaching the flight shortly before the group is engaged by several dozen fighters.

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