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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
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A Scorpion is a Cryptid featured in the Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts. It shoots a special acidic poison that periodically stays on the ground, damaging any players that step in it.


Scorpions have four large yellow eyes on a tilted round face with sharp, malicious teeth. They appear to be four-legged like the majority of the aliens, with the exception of having yellow polyp-like growths on their back.

Although intimidating, Scorpions can be easily defeated, as their weak spot is the yellow polyps on their back. Shooting these growths will kill them in a matter of seconds. They have long tails that also have yellow polyps on them. Scorpions have minimal armor on them, and while they are bulkier than a Scout or a Seeker, they are the next most frail cryptid.

They are called "scorpions" because they attack with their tails, spraying out a acidic substance that can slow players and harm them. Scorpions also make a strange noise when they shoot. Players can easily know if one is near by because of the noise.


Scorpions will jump from surfaces to walls a few times before they attack. They will aim at a player and fire a Gas Cloud attack from their tails. The projectile will also leave a puddle of acid that damages all players who walk over it (other than Medics of upgrade level 3 or higher), and they last for a while before disappearing, so players must be careful of where they go around the map.

Unlike most Cryptids, Scorpions prefer to remain at arm's length away from players, rarely getting up close to players. This can make Scorpions difficult for players to spot, especially novice players, as the Scorpion isn't going to make a beeline straight for the player's current position. The Scorpion almost never attacks drills, scanners, or generators directly, but its projectiles are capable of dealing minor damage to these objects, and a Scorpion may occasionally fire at an objective.

A Scorpion's behavioral pattern is very peculiar and predictable. When it spawns in, it will walk and jump around the map, in an attempt to get a clear line of sight on a player, typically from a highly elevated position. Once it is in position for a few moments, it will slowly prepare and fire one round of acid at the player's current position. Should nobody return fire to the Scorpion after this round is fired, it will fire two more rounds of acid in rapid succession at the player's current position. If the Scorpion is damaged at any time during its attacking intervals, or if it loses its line of sight with its target, the Scorpion will move away from its perch and repeat the process. At times, the Scorpion's acid may be prematurely stopped by an obstruction of some kind. Scorpions may move if their shots continue to prove unsuccessful. A Scorpion generally makes a lot of noise when it is on the move, so attentive players should begin looking at common Scorpion spots should a Scorpion be heard.

Scorpions can become a huge problem if left alive for too long, especially if it stays in one position for an extended period of time. Any acid that is fired lingers for awhile, and its effects are devastating to those afflicted. Although it takes some time for the acid's effects to kick in, they should be avoided at all times. Acid will damage the player, but more menacingly, heavily slow movement, blur the screen, and highly reduce turning speed, akin to a Concussion Grenade, disorienting the player and leaving them more vulnerable to attack. Acid tends to deplete Armor very quickly. The devastating effects of acid make it something to actively avoid, and it makes the acid serve an area of denial effect, potentially dissuading the player from standing in key areas or moving to far less advantageous positions. Scorpions that are in place and firing also tend to be very annoying to deal with, as they tend to be in isolated positions far away from most other cryptids, in elevated positions that may be difficult to return fire to. Multiple Scorpions firing at a player is a major cause for concern, as the Scorpions either take pressure off of cryptids running at players, or make it easier for the cryptids to hit players. As a result, Scorpions tend to be high priority targets that need to be dispatched as quickly as possible. Even just knocking a Scorpion out of its perch can be extremely advantageous to the team, as the Scorpion generally takes a fair amount of time to get a new position when dislodged from its perch.

When the helicopter is needed to destroy a Barrier Hive, Scorpions will attack it. Players must kill the Scorpions to protect the helicopter, or else it will take too much damage and must evade for a brief amount of time; then the Scorpions will turn their attention to the players until the helicopter returns to continue firing on the Hive. It is best to kill the scorpions while their attention is towards the helicopter. Scorpions may still target players when the helicopter is active, they just tend to target players far less often when they have the choice between targeting the helicopter or targeting a player.

On Awakening, Scorpions will target the Vanguard and attempt to damage it. Each successful hit by a Scorpion will deal 15 damage to the Vanguard. Scorpions will be a high priority target for allies of the Vanguard operator to kill while the Vanguard is active, but the Vanguard is capable of easily dodging the Scorpion's shots, especially if the Vanguard is far away from said Scorpion(s). So long as the Vanguard operator doesn't let the Vanguard stand still for an extended period of time, Scorpions will often be of little concern to the Vanguard, despite Scorpions actively targeting it.

An interesting fact to note is that Scorpions' only weapon is their acid; even if right in front of the Scorpion, the only thing they can do is slowly shoot the player. This makes idle Scorpions extremely easy to kill if shooting at their yellow growths. They cannot bite or scratch players in any capacity.

Scorpions aren't very valuable cryptids to use a Hypno Knife against, as to cause damage, alien cryptids must walk into the path of the acid, something that Cryptids don't usually do, and the fact that there's usually a different type of cryptid that is of even more help, such as a Rhino, a Hunter, or a Phantom. As well, on Point of Contact, a friendly Scorpion might actually shoot at the helicopter, which can deter progress.