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Scouts are a type of Cryptid that appear in the Call of Duty: Ghosts mode, Extinction and return as a special appearance in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map The Beast From Beyond. They are the basic alien enemies and are most frequently met throughout each level. Their size and orange color makes them easily noticed.


Scouts have two small eyes as well as two concave armor plates on the top of their head, similar in appearance to Hunters. They glow a distinguishable and unique yellow-orange aura. Like most other Cryptid species, Scouts primarily traverse on four legs, however they possess the capability to stand on two as demonstrated when attacking the Drill. Although they are the weakest among the Cryptids to defeat and deal extremely low damage, Scouts will often travel and attack in greater numbers as well as relentlessly hound the player during the drilling process, giving them the capability to down a player if they are not quickly dealt with.


Scouts are versatile but weak enemies. Scouts are capable of targeting players, objectives, the Vanguard, and Sentry Guns. Scouts do small damage to players, damage objectives slowly, and take a long time to destroy a Sentry Gun. Each successful hit they inflict on a Vanguard does fifteen damage. On maps featuring the Laser Drill and not its scanning variant, Scouts can physically mount the drill, not disembarking from the drill until either the drill is destroyed, the Scout is killed, or the hive has been destroyed and thus the drill exits its drilling state. Scouts can also mount a Sentry Gun to temporarily disable it, and if given enough time, a Scout can completely destroy a Sentry Gun, although it takes a considerable amount of time for a Scout to do this.

Scouts are one of the smallest Cryptid species, only being larger than the Seeker, the Seeder, and the Bomber. Scouts have a base kill reward of $60, making them unrewarding to kill. Scouts have armor plating on their faces, with the intersection between the two armor plates being a weak point.

In the early parts of a match, regardless of map, Scouts will spawn in constantly, only getting phased out in favor of stronger Cryptids as the match progresses. A Scout on its own is not very threatening, but Scouts tend to spawn in numbers to make up for their strength disadvantage. Scouts become less common in the last areas of a match. On Point of Contact, Scouts will stop spawning in entirely once the 12th hive is destroyed, although playing on a different difficulty setting from the default can cause Scouts to continue spawning during the last waves of Point of Contact.

Scouts are very fragile. Even without Weapon Specialist, weapons with great per-shot damage like a shotgun or sniper rifle can instantly kill a Scout without any damage enhancement. With Weapon Specialist and Incendiary Ammo, almost any gun in the game can kill a Scout in a single bullet due to the incendiary effect, save for a weapon with poor long range damage. Tanks with a melee damage upgrade are able to kill a Scout instantly, and by default, two melee hits will be enough to kill a Scout. An Electric Fence can kill a Scout instantly upon contact. Due to the fragility of Scouts, it is quite easy to conserve ammo when fighting them.

The Hunter serves all the same purposes a Scout does, but possesses much more health, power, and a vastly increased speed of damaging objectives and Sentry Guns compared to Scouts.

Due to the low overall health and power of a Scout, it is one of the worst targets to use a Hypno Knife or Hypno Trap on. Even for players that do not have the upgrade to use a Hypno Knife on a Rhino, there are simply better targets for a Hypno Knife on every map.

The Beast From Beyond[]

The Scouts appears as the starting enemies until the power is online again. Their damage is the same as a normal zombie but at a much higher speed even leaping to attack. Without care, they can kill you very easy, even at the earliest rounds. At least three of them appears every time you pick a piece of the Pack a Punch's bridge. After round 10, they can appear as a special round, dropping a Max Ammo at the end. They will show again during the Venom-X upgrade stages. Their appears as well during the last step of the main quest, spawning several times in hordes of different sizes.


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