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Scouts are a type of Cryptid that appear in the Call of Duty: Ghosts mode, Extinction and return as a special appearance in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map The Beast from Beyond. They are the basic alien enemies and are most frequently met throughout each level. Their size and orange color makes them easily noticed.


Scouts have two small eyes as well as two concave armor plates on the top of their head, similar in appearance to Hunters. They glow a distinguishable and unique yellow-orange aura. Like most other Cryptid species, Scouts primarily traverse on four legs, however they possess the capability to stand on two as demonstrated when attacking the Drill. Although they are the weakest among the Cryptids to defeat and deal extremely low damage, Scouts will often travel and attack in greater numbers as well as relentlessly hound the player during the drilling process, giving them the capability to down a player if they are not quickly dealt with.


Scouts have a base price of $60 when killed. When the player begins the drilling of a Hive or Door, Scouts will be among the very first enemies to attack, often spawning in small waves to attack the player in greater numbers. Out of all Cryptid species, Scouts do the very least amount of damage to the players and the Drill, and combined with their weak health cause them to be one of the easiest Cryptids to dispose of. Upon a round's completion, Scouts will cease to spawn and the current ones in the map will either flee or continue to attack the player, this time jumping and hopping from place to place more often and as a result are more difficult to kill. In The Beast from Beyond, they replace zombies when the player(s) spawn in, and will continue to spawn for every round that the power is not on. After turning on the power, they do not spawn until special rounds or the boss fights.


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