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Scout is a multiplayer character class in Call of Duty 3.

This class is useful for those who prefer long-range combat. It comes with a Sniper Rifle, and has the unique ability to use the Binoculars to call in Artillery Strikes on enemies. After the Scout has used the special ability, he must wait until the Special Ability meter on the right of the screen fills before being able to use the ability again. As the Scout ranks up, his artillery strike will come in faster and fire more shells thus making it more deadly and destructive.

Allies Edit

Scouts are equipped with a scoped rifle that usually kills in one shot at any range. It is generally difficult to use at close range, particularly with the time necessary to cycle the bolt action. When standing, the scope will move around the screen to simulate the inaccuracy resulting from the soldier's breathing; this effect is reduced when crouching, and reduced further when prone. The player may hold L3 to simulate the soldier holding his breath, but must adjust to this quickly.

Axis Edit

The only difference between Allied and Axis Scouts is the primary weapon used and the sidearm. The P38 holds eight rounds, while the M1911 Colt .45 holds seven.

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