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Sergeant Sean Brooks is a character in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. As a SATO Marine abroad the UNSA Retribution, Brooks played a major role during the UNSA-SDF War, and was ultimately amongst the four survivors of the Retribution following the end of the war.


Sometime before the outbreak of the UNSA-SDF War, Brooks enlisted in the SATO Marines. As the first amongst his family to enlist, Brooks sought to represent his country by serving with distinction. This dedication eventually led him to become posted to the UNSA Retribution, under the command of Staff Sgt. Usef Omar as his second-in-command amongst the ship's Marine contingent.

Geneva Attack[]

At the time of the Geneva attack, Brooks was stationed abroad the Retribution alongside the entirety of the Retribution's Marine contingent. Following Captain Alder's ramming attack, Brooks greeted SCAR Lt. Nick Reyes as he oversaw the recovery of the crew's wounded.

Operation Port Armor[]

With the vital Luna Gateway Port under attack by SDF forces, Brooks and the Marine contingent was tasked with retaking it. During the operation, the Marines were split into two units, Omar led Alpha Unit to retake the main terminal, while Brooks led Bravo to assist SATO Coast Guard forces in eliminating SDF forces from the nearby hanger. Upon rendezvousing with Alpha-1, Brooks was tasked with withdrawing his troops from the terminal back to the Retribution, as Staff Sgt. Omar accompanied the SCARs in raiding the SDS Ares Vallis.

Ship Assault Operations[]

Alongside Pvt. Todd Kashima, Brooks participated in numerous Ship Assault Operations, serving as supporting elements for SCAR-1. In Operation Taken Dagger, Brooks and Kashima assisted in raiding SDS Galaxius, and recovering the captured UNSA engineers and technology. In Operation Phoenix, Brooks and Kashima assisted SCAR-1 in disabling the SDS Cerberus, and provided fire support for Reyes as he recovered the SDF Skeleter prototype. Lastly, in Operation D-Con, Brooks flew alongside XO Nora Salter in her Jackal during the raid of the SDS Hellas over Venus' orbit.

Operation Burn Water[]

With orders to cripple the SDF's battle readiness, Operation Burn Water was initiated to cripple the SDF's major refuelling depot on Titan. Brooks and Kashima was selected to accompany the initial armed recon team alongside Omar, Reyes and E3N "Ethan". Upon their arrival on Titan and subsequent exploration of the occupied facility, Brooks, Kashima and E3N split off to provide overwatch. When the team rendezvoused and secured a landing zone, SATO reinforcements arrived to begin a major assault on the fuelling depot facility. Despite successfully eliminating enemy resistance from the facility, the arrival of the Olympus Mons left most of the SATO strike force dead, with Brooks narrowly escaping death from a crashing Skelter. With little options left, Brooks and the remaining Marines were ordered to await evacuation as SCARs took over operational command. Brooks and the Marines were eventually evacuated abroad the Retribution, albeit at the cost of abandoning Reyes and E3N over Titan's orbit.

Operation Dark Quarry[]

Following the recovery of Commander Reyes and E3N, the Retribution was ordered to investigate the sudden loss of communication with Vesta 3. As the asteroid held vital minerals for the rebuilding of the SATO fleet, Brooks was deployed as part of the search and rescue team. Upon their arrival, the S&R team grew unnerved at the erratic behavior of the combat drones. As they continued exploring the abandoned facility, the team was able to locate the survivors. Upon rescuing the survivors, the S&R team held off encroaching C6 units as Lt. Salter made her way to evacuate the survivors. Despite their success, Omar was left behind and killed after he attempted a futile rescue attempt. Despite Kashima's and Reyes' desperate pleas to return, Brooks ultimately managed to dissuade the duo and calmed the situation as the survivors arrived to the Retribution. Brooks offered to supervise the medical recovery of the Vesta-3 survivors when Reyes and Salter returned to the bridge.

Shortly after arriving at the wreckage of the Tigris, Brooks viewed Admiral Salen Kotch's message alongside the rest of the Retribution's bridge crew. Immediately after, Reyes promoted Brooks to Sergeant, which Brooks gratefully accepted. With the Retribution's command team, Brooks listened in on Reyes' briefing for Operation Black Flag. Upon their return to Geneva, Brooks and his strike team remained on standby as SCAR-1 carried out the operation.

Operation Black Flag[]

Ultimately, the operation went awry resulting in the destruction of the AATIS Defense Network and the arrival of the SDF invasion fleet. With little options left, Reyes ordered the Retribution to make an emergency in-atmosphere FTL jump that disabled most of the invasion fleet, including his Jackal fighter and the Marines' Raven. Narrowly getting abroad the Olympus Mons, Brooks assisted in the seizure of the SDF's flagship, including observing the death of Admiral Kotch.

Operation Blood Storm[]

Seeking to utilize the Mons' weaponry to destroy the Tharsis Shipyard, the strike force was initially successful at eliminating large numbers of SDF vessels. However, attacks from arriving SDF forces crippled the supercarrier's weaponry. Brooks and Kashima were ordered to remain on the bridge and prevent SDF boarders from seizing the vessel, as the supercarrier was tasked with ramming the vulnerable shipyard. With the Retribution also jumping into the fray to reinforce the Mons, further SDF reinforcements crippled both vessels in its entirety. Despite the efforts from both crews, the Mons and Retribution inadvertently collided into each other and were pulled into Mars' gravity well. Brooks and the surviving Marine units abroad the Mons were narrowly able to escape the doomed supercarrier abroad a Raven shuttle, however, damage to the shuttle resulted in a major crash-landing onto Mars' surface.

Although Brooks survived the crash relatively unharmed, Kashima was impaled and trapped under debris. With most of the Marines either killed or severely injured, Brooks was forced to try and remove the debris on his own. Struggling to do so, the fortunate arrival of Reyes allowed for both men to finally remove the debris off Kashima. Tasking Reyes with preventing Kashima from bleeding out, Brooks desperately searched through the crash site for medical supplies. Unable to do so, Brooks returned to Reyes just as Kashima bled out. Mourning the loss of his comrade, Brooks rallied his surviving Marines and accompanied Reyes to locate the Retribution's wreckage. Arriving at the Retribution's wreckage by the early morning of May 8th, Brooks was tasked by XO Salter with preparing his remaining Marines for the final ground assault against the shipyard.

As the operation began, Brooks and the surviving Retribution crew initially made progress through the SDF facility, however, losses soon mounted amongst the survivors. Despite stiff resistance from SDF ground forces, the survivors successfully made their way to the orbital elevator. Initially seeking to join the rearguard, at the urging of Warrant Officer Maynard "Griff" Griffin, he instead joined the infiltration team, with Brooks ceding command of his remaining Marines to the Warrant Officer and providing his remaining Shock Grenades. Upon arrival at the orbital shipyard, Brooks, Salter and the bulk of the survivors were tasked by Reyes with seizing an SDF Destroyer and destroying the Tharsis Shipyard irregardless of the cost.

The infiltration survivors initially succeeded in gaining a foothold on a destroyer, however, entrenched SDF reinforcements led to the team becoming bogged down and incurring severe losses. With the sacrifice of Commander Nick Reyes and E3N, the infiltration team was ultimately successful in destroying the Tharsis Shipyard and the bulk of the SDF fleets. However, by the time the crew returned to Earth, only four survivors were left of the Retribution's original 767 crew.


As the second-in-command of the Retribution's Marine contingent, Brooks performed exceptionally well during combat operations. Alongside fellow Marine Kashima, Brooks was frequently selected with assisting SCAR units in ship boarding operations. His reliability and quick-decision making led to his promotion to Sergeant by Commander Nick Reyes, following his actions in the immediate aftermath of Vesta-3.