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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode

Search Piles appear in Call of Duty: Ghosts mode Extinction.

In Point of Contact, they will appear as either a round pile of trash or a small container and contain equipment, money, ammo and attachments (only appear after a new weapon is obtained or purchased). In Nightfall, they only appear in the form of a small container. In Mayday, there are longer, red search piles/boxes that look like toolboxes that only contain crafting parts. These search piles can only be used if the player currently has a Schematic for a craftable item, and when searched, only return a crafting part for the schematic the player who searched it currently has.

Using the Master Scavenger armory upgrade will give the player the chance to find stronger items from their Search Piles, in addition to items that are otherwise unobtainable from Search Piles. Hypno Knives and Flares found will have their effects last for longer, and the player will be able to find ARKs and Extended Mags attachments for their weapons, and almost all weapons are compatible with these two attachments.


With the exception of searching with Launchers, special weapons, or Sniper Rifles, any attachment that cannot be attached to the searcher's active weapon when searching will automatically not be eligible to be given. For instance, if the player is actively holding an IA-2 and interacts with a search box, that search box cannot give Rapid Fire or the Grip. This can be exploited to narrow down what attachments can be given by intentionally interacting with search piles while holding weapons that cannot receive certain attachments. Interacting with a search pile while holding a handgun is guaranteed to never give an attachment.


Trash Picker (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Scavenge 40 items in a single game.

Undiscovered Truths (30 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Find all of the intel in Nightfall,

Inquisitive Mind (30Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Find all of the Intel in Mayday.

Spelunker (20Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Find all of the Intel in Awakening.

The Final Chapter (20Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Find all 7 story related Intel in Exodus


  • Weapon attachments found and equipped will change the camouflage of the weapon they are attached to on certain maps, excluding weapons added in after Mayday, the FP6, and MTS-255
  • The ACOG Scope cannot be mounted on sniper rifles, unlike in multiplayer mode.
  • Sniper rifles used to only be able to return Extended Mags and ARK as available attachments should a user with Master Scavenger be searching. However, this was changed after the Nemesis Update to have the sniper rifles be able to return any attachment, making them monumentally less effective for searching. However, Extended Mags and ARKs could still be found while searching with said weaponry.
  • Equipping Burst Fire on the MR-28 also gives this weapon Extended Mags (although the HUD only says "MR-28 Burst Fire").
  • Attachments will not appear if the player does not have a primary weapon.
  • If the player discovers any optical attachment while they have a Red Dot Sight, ACOG Scope or Holographic Sight on any of their weapons, the reticle on their weapon(s) will change (the player does not have to equip the discovered sight for the reticle to change, nor does the sight have to be a valid attachment for any of their weapons).