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For character in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, see Sebastian Krueger (Black Ops III).

"Austrian-born, fled to Germany to evade murder charges. Served with KSK under false ID until mission gone-wrong. Civilians died. Identity discovered, escaped custody before court martial. Maintains innocence."
— In-game biography

Sebastian Josef Krueger is a Chimera operator of the Allegiance faction featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Krueger is unlocked after performing 25 Finishing Moves in the Multiplayer mode.


Sebastian Krueger was born on March 29, 1985. He joined the Bundeswehr under the identity of "Josef Doss". Kreuger received exceptional marks in Long Range Surveillance training and passed subsequent selection process for the Kommando Spezialkräfte.

After three years, he was inducted into the KSK 4th Platoon under Lieutenant Hans "Golem" Blaustein. Blaustein befriended Krueger in effort to integrate him with the rest of the squad as he claimed to see "talent in a troubled mind".

On April 12th, 2018, during Operation Nachtigall in Mozambique, civilians were found killed with 7.62 NATO rounds consistent with Krueger's weapon. Krueger escaped KSK custody two days later. It is suspected "Golem" aided or interfered with the escape of Krueger but evidence was inconclusive. Krueger's friendship with Blaustein ended after his removal from the KSK.

Krueger fled to Eastern Europe where he made contact with Chimera and entered a long-term contract with currently 2 years in active service.

In March 2020, Al-Qatala's new leader Khaled Al-Asad launched a full-scale assault against Verdansk in Kastovia. Operators from Coalition and Allegiance were deployed to Verdansk to stop Al-Qatala as part of the Armistice initiative.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Phantom Base Kreuger Phantom Skin.webp Execute 25 Finishing Moves.
Shrouded Base Kreuger Shoruded Skin.webp Execute 25 Finishing Moves.
Silent Sigma Base Kreuger Silent Sigma Skin.webp Execute 25 Finishing Moves.
Bandit Rare Kreuger Bandit Skin.webp Unobtainable
Chimera Kreuger Rare Kreuger Chimera Kreuger Skin.webp Bundle Chimera Pack
Marsh Demon Rare Kreuger Marsh Demon Skin.webp Enter the code from the Making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare artbook
Plague Rare Kreuger Plague Skin.webp Unobtainable
Alchemist Epic Kreuger Alchemist Skin.webp Bundle Warzone Starter Pack
Chemical Warfare Epic Kreuger Chemical Warfare Skin.webp Unobtainable
Chemist Epic Kreuger Chemist Skin.webp Bundle Mad Chemist
Purge Epic Kreuger Purge Skin.webp Bundle Cleaning Agent
Reaper Epic Kreuger Reaper Skin.webp Bundle Lone Marauder
Firestarter Legendary Kreuger Firestarter Skin.webp Bundle Pyromaniac
Taiga Legendary Kreuger Taiga Skin.webp Bundle Wendigo
The Resistance Legendary Kreuger The Resistance Skin.webp Bundle Dystopian
Waster Legendary Kreuger Waster Skin.webp Bundle Wasteland
Call of Duty League Skins


Name Rarity How to obtain
Chuckle Base Unlocked by default
Much Too Easy Common Unobtainable
There Now Common Unobtainable
Better Epic Bundle Mad Chemist
Funny Epic Bundle Dystopian
It Hardly Moved Epic Bundle Wasteland
Silent Now Epic Bundle Pyromaniac
Weak Epic Bundle Lone Marauder
What They Send Epic Bundle Wendigo
Off You Go Legendary Unobtainable

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity How to obtain
Take Down Base Execute 25 Finishing Moves
Brassed Off Epic Bundle Lone Marauder
Knife To Meet You Epic Bundle Mad Chemist
Universal Finishing Moves

Call of Duty: Mobile

Krueger appears in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added as part of the Season 7 Radioactive Agent [1] and Season 8 The Forge Battle Pass. [2]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Krueger's name is spelled differently in-game and in other media. His name appears as "Kreuger" in the Operator menu while he is named "Kruegar" in the Making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare artbook.
  • Krueger's appearance is based off the Danish Frogman Corps gear.
  • Krueger's blood type is AB+.
  • Krueger is ambidextrous with a right eye dominant and a visual acuity of 21/20.
  • Though Krueger's dossier states that his hair is dark blonde, his in-game model has dark brown hair.
  • Krueger has the Russian coat of arms tattooed on his chest (the two headed eagle).
  • In the game mode Infected, the 'Infected' will always be Krueger with the Shrouded skin.
    • Also, an 'Infected' player will use whatever Finishing Move they have equipped for Krueger.
    • After the Haunting of Verdansk event, the Default 'Infected' Player model has been changed to a zombie.
  • The prone version of Krueger's Knife To Meet You Finishing Move is a direct reference to an action scene in the film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.
  • Krueger has unique voice lines and dialogues with Golem, and these lines are spoken by the respective operators in Warzone.
  • According to Joel Emslie in a Game Informer interview, Krueger and his distinctive frog-netting is his favorite piece of art in the game. [3]
  • Krueger's naturally moving scrim net was part of a concept that Infinity Ward developers had wanted to create for at least 3 years before the development of Modern Warfare. It was only fully realized when certain graphical capabilities were reached.