For the perk, see Second Chance (perk).
"RESCUE the Celerium scientist held captive by Yemeni terrorists."
— Mission description

"Second Chance" is the fourth Strike Force mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This mission is only available should the player fail to save Chloe Lynch during the events of "Karma", and is only available before the player starts "Suffer with Me".


The player will have to search through 5 safehouses to find where Chloe is being held by the enemies. Chloe will most likely be in the last safehouse the player searches (She may be in the 3rd or 4th safehouse if the player is lucky). Once Chloe is found, the player has to escort her back from wherever she was held to the Strike Force team's insertion point to be extracted. The player can also opt to take control of Chloe, who can pick up weapons from dead enemies.

Once the player reaches the extraction point, a cutscene shows Chloe and the rest of the Strike Force team jumping onto the transport extraction, and the mission is completed.


  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) as HVI
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) as VTOL turret gunner
  • Melee enemy personnel (x10)
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with headshots
  • Destroy enemy quad drones (x4)
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with explosives
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x5) by exploding vehicles
  • Extract the HVI in less than 60 seconds
  • Find the HVI in less than 90 seconds
  • Complete the mission in "tactical view" only

Units Available

Weapon Loadout

SEALs' primary weapons

SEALs' secondary weapon

Karma's starting loadout

Found in level

Video Walkthrough

Call of Duty Black Ops II - Second Chance

Call of Duty Black Ops II - Second Chance



  • The mission is named Second Chance since the player is given an extra opportunity to rescue Chloe.
  • In the event Chloe is saved during "Karma", this mission will still appear in the mission list when choosing "Replay Mission". However, if the player replays this mission after finishing the game, they will not unlock Flecktarn Camouflage.
  • This is the only Strike Force mission where the enemy does not include the SDC.
  • During the briefing cutscene, Chloe is never referred to by name. Furthermore, Section and Briggs constantly refer to Chloe as "he", despite at least Section knowing that Chloe is a woman.
  • If Chloe dies or the time in this mission ends, a cutscene will show that the J-SOC operatives are leaving but one of them is killed by an enemy VTOL before entering the friendly VTOL.
  • If the player chooses to change view from ground soldier to a VTOL gunner, the VTOL can be controlled. By pressing the movement buttons, one can move VTOL for a better view over a map. However, only direction can be controlled, not the height.
  • Originally, the enemies in this mission were Mercs, not the Militia that appear in the final version.
  • In this mission, Chloe's grenade loadout is randomized. Therefore it's possible for her to have XM31 Grenades. Oddly, when the player shoots one, there is no launcher so she just fires one from her wrist.
  • If the player chooses to take control of Chloe, she has an M1911. This is the only mission in the 2025-era where a 1980s gun appears without the player customizing a loadout.
  • At the end of the mission, when everyone is jumping into the VTOL with Chloe, the one that rescued her is jumping on second to last.
  • This is the only mission that might not be playable outside of the "replay mission" function (if DeFalco is killed in "Karma").
  • This is the only Strike Force mission where the player can control a main character instead of SEAL's or Drones.
  • Chloe´s first person model is the same as Sarah Michelle Gellar´s model from Call of the Dead.


Blind Date (25 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Successfully rescue HVI.


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