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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

The Seed is an inventory item and Power-Up featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map Zetsubou No Shima.

Up to three seeds can be held at once by a singular player with any additional ones just being ignored until they despawn or picked up by someone with space.

The seeds can be placed in planters around the map, to which they will grow into various types of plants over three rounds. With water from a Bucket influencing what they become.

If the player decides to water the plant with the Bucket, it can grow into a a number of different plants depending on the level of care and type of water given to the plant. However if not watered, it will have a high chance to turn into a plant that acts similar to the low tier Harvest Pods in Shadows of Evil.

Whatever water color that the seed is watered with the most will have the highest chance to produce the plant that is associated with that color.

The KT-4 and its upgraded counterpart can all be shot at the plants to "fertilise" them which will influence the final plant by making it stronger than plants that haven't been fertilised.

  • Green tinged water grows a singular green mantis claw-esque plant that will impale the first zombie that comes near it, holding it until it dies. While the zombie is held, they will take slow damage that will eventually kill them. If the plant was fertilised by the KT-4, it will hold the zombie for a longer duration before its death.
  • Blue tinged water grows a purple colored variant of the harvest plant that has better odds at stronger rewards than the standard harvest pod. If the plant was fertilised by the KT-4, the rewards become much greater and can include items such as Cymbal Monkeys, a Bowie Knife or an Empty Perk Bottle power-up.
  • Purple tinged water grows a carnivorous plant in similar design to that of a Pitcher Plant. While active, it will attract any nearby zombies and Thrashers to it where it will then rip the head off a zombie and placing the head into its pitcher. It will also deal minor damage to players that stand too close to it. If the plant was fertilised by the KT-4, it will have a longer duration, requiring more zombies before it dies.
  • If a seed is given all three main water types, it can either grow into the type of plant that the final watering color would of produced or a fruit bearing plant. These fruits can be consumed for a free perk if a slot is available however if there are no slots, the character will start to vomit instead. Awarding One Too Many if the achievement hasn't been earned prior.
  • If a seed isn't watered during the three rounds but fertilised by the KT-4 on those rounds instead, it has a higher chance than average to become a unique style of plant that allows for respawning from it. Interacting with it will imprint whatever the player has at that moment to the pod and create a fully formed humanoid within in it, this includes ammo counts, shield health and even active GobbleGum. Dying with an active pod will respawn the player within the pod which can be exited by interacting and awarding Herbal Remedy if it has not been earned. If a second imprint is made, the original imprinted plant will instantly wither.

There are also two unique plant types that are associated with obtaining the upgraded KT-4 and obtaining the Golden Bucket.


  • The "I'm Feeling Lucky" GobbleGum can spawn seeds from it.