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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode

The Seeder is a Cryptid that appears in the Mayday chapter of Extinction. It is similar to the Scorpion due to the fact that it shoots acidic liquid, but a difference between the two cryptids is that the Seeder can lay larvae that can sprout into a mutated plant, called a Seeder Turret, that act as automated sentry guns and attack players.

They seem to be a combination of a Scorpion and a Seeker, because they have the effects of both. They are a very dangerous enemy to confront in close combat and are equally difficult to fight at a distance.

Upon death, the Seeder explodes like a Seeker damaging nearby players and leaves behind a poisonous gas cloud. It also has the same shape and size of a Seeker, albeit a different colour of yellow instead of red.

It has fairly high health, rivaling the Hunter with the speed and agility to match, spits a larvae that attacks the player from afar by attaching onto walls, roofs, etc., explodes upon death and occasionally fires the Acid cloud.

Like a Seeker, the Seeder's weakness is its yellow back. If it's climbing a wall or the ceiling, the entire weak spot will be exposed.

The Seeder's behaviour is much like that of a scorpion. It behaves much more passively than the other cryptids. It is rare for the Seeder to approach the player in close proximity, and it'll usually scamper away from the player to try and lay down seeder turrets. If it is being currently threatened by the player or is in close proximity of the player, it will instead spit acid. The Seeder tends to climb on walls and ceilings for a very extended period of time to approach the player's position.

The seeder turrets will take some time to grow, and when fully grown, will begin to target the player with a hitscan attack similar to bullets, fired in bursts. As they are affixed to walls or the floor, these turrets tend to have direct lines of sight on players, and their infinite ammo means that they can deal a lot of damage to the player if not dealt with quickly. Turrets can be destroyed by simply shooting at them or even knifing them, netting a pitiful cash reward of just $25.

The Seeder generates a large amount of cash (base amount of $1,250) upon death, and compared to other cryptids that give a similar cash reward, the Seeder spawns more frequently than them and is easier to dispatch. In conjunction with the major threat the Seeder imposes, it is one of the highest value targets on Mayday, one that players want to dispatch very quickly.

The player's in-game character will alert the presence of Seeders as they spawn in, but can refer to them as Seeders or Spores.


  • The Level 3 Medic upgrade does not protect the player from the Seeder gas attack, like it would a Scorpions', making one of the classes most useful abilities effectively useless.