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Seeds of Doubt
Seeds of Doubt Achievement Icon BO3
Description In Zetsubou No Shima, the one must be saved.
Gamer Score 75 Gamerscore
Trophy Type Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon

Seeds of Doubt is a hidden trophy/achievement in the Zombies map Zetsubou No Shima that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is the main easter egg of the map, and it requires the player to "save" the original Takeo Masaki. Much like the Origins and Der Eisendrache easter eggs, it is entirely possible to complete this easter egg in solo.

Prerequisites Edit

Before starting the easter egg, the player must obtain the following items:

Step One: Revealing the Elevator Shaft Blueprint Edit

Once the players have obtained the Skull of Nan Sapwe, a player must go down to the Living Quarters in the Bunker and go over to where the purple water is. Using the skull, the player must mesmerize a piece of paper on the wall across from the purple water, which will reveal the second half of the paper. This will now allow players to remove secret walls and doors hidden on the map.

Step Two: Unlocking the Generator Room Edit

Across from the door leading to the Anti-Aircraft Platform is a door which can be opened using the Skull of Nan Sapwe. The player must mesmerize the door, which will disappear, revealing a generator behind it.

Step Three: Gathering Cog #1 Edit

The player must use the Anywhere But Here! GobbleGum, which leads to teleporting to a secret room above Lab A. There, the player can find one of the three cogs on the ground. The player can then pick up the cog and can either use the Anywhere But Here! GobbleGum or use the hole in the side of the wall to exit the room.

Note: Defeating the Giant Spider is not required for this step.

Step Four: Gathering Cog #2 Edit

For this step, the player must have a bucket and at least one seed. Plant the seed and water the plant with blue water for three rounds. Once the plant is fully grown, opening the pod will reveal a flak shell (not guaranteed) which can be inserted in the FlaK 88 cannon at the Anti-Aircraft Platform. The player can use the KT-4 to fertilize the plant each round, which may increase the chance of getting the shell.

Once the shell is in the cannon, the player must wait for a cargo plane to fly over the map. When the plane is in sight, the player must hold the action button on the FlaK 88, which will fire the flak round at the plane, destroying it. Once the plane is destroyed, the cog can be located outside the entrance to the Bunker, by the meteor by Lab B or by the staircase leading up to the Zipline by Lab A with smoke emitting from it. The cog can then be picked up by the player.

Note: If the player shoots and misses the plane, the shell must be recollected again by growing another plant.

Step Five: Gathering Cog #3 Edit

In order to complete this step, all players (or just the player if playing solo) must complete all their Trials located at the area where the skulls can be found. Once all the challenges are done, lightning will strike the platform periodically. To do this step, the player must stand on the platform with the Zombie Shield equipped while the lightning is affecting the platform. Once done, the player must head over to the top or bottom of the Zipline located at Lab A, and the Docks. In co-op, after someone takes the Zipline, the person who has the electric shield must hit the panel on either end of the Zipline, making whoever is on the Zipline fall off. If the player successfully lands on the Dock, the gear will be there to pick up. In solo, the player must shock the Zipline control panel at either end (Lab A or Docks) and proceed to use the Zipline. When the player is over the dock, the player must press the melee button, which will cause the player to drop onto the dock.

NOTE: If the player melees too early, the result will be falling into a death zone and immediately dying.

Step Six: Activating the Secret Elevator and Clearing the Vines Edit

Once all three cogs are collected, bring the cogs to the generator in the secret generator room and hold the action button on the generator, which will reveal a secret elevator. Before going down, the player must have a Gas Mask equipped and have at least one KT-4 upgraded into the Masamune. All of the players must go into the elevator and use it, which will then take them to a secret part of the Bunker. Once the players reach the bottom, the player with the Masamune must shoot the three vines in the path leading to a door at the end of the hallway.

NOTE: Before going down the elevator, make sure all players have a Gas Mask equipped, otherwise players will get downed at the bottom of the elevator.

Step Seven: Battling the Giant Thrasher Edit

Once the players enter the door, a massive Thrasher can be found in a giant cage. In order to start the final step, the player with the Masamune must shoot the spore on one of the Giant Thrasher's arm, which will begin the boss battle. There, the players must survive an onslaught of zombies, spiders and Thrashers before another spore will appear on one of the arms of the Giant Thrasher. The player with the Masamune must shoot the spore and repeat the process until the Giant Thrasher is killed. Once it is killed, the end cutscene will activate for the players, which shows the original Takeo getting collected in the Summoning Key.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon completion of the easter egg, all characters will now possess two blood vials on their character model. Dempsey and Nikolai keep their blood vials on their sides, while Takeo keeps his vials on the side of his backpack.
  • Also upon completing this Easter Egg, the player will have unlimited perk slots.
  • The XP reward title for this easter egg is "Horticultural Heroism".

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