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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For a Field Order that uses Seekers, see Seekers (Field Order).
For the grenade, see Seeker Grenade.

A Seeker is a Cryptid featured in the Extinction and Multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Ghosts. They are unique in that they are the only suicidal Cryptid unit, and they are spawned from meteors in groups of two to four. If a player completes a Field Order on the Devastation map Unearthed, they have a chance to call in three Seekers that charge and explode into the enemy team. The base money rewarded for killing them is $100.


Seekers are easily identifiable, even from a distance, due to the glowing red blob-like structures that cover their bodies. They also possess a red fiery aura of energy around their bodies that is released en-masse when they explode. They move very fast and will explode immediately when killed or after a seconds delay when they approach to within about half a meter of the player, causing heavy damage (approx 25 damage in a direct hit).


The Seeker's behaviour in Extinction is erratic. Although the Seeker's main goal is to run up to the player and self-destruct, the Seeker will not take a consistent path. In some instances, the Seeker will flank, other times it will make a beeline, and sometimes, the Seeker will remain still in seemingly random parts of the area. Seekers are fast, so they can easily catch the player off-guard. Meteors containing Seekers tend to spawn in just after or right when a bunch of cryptids just spawn in, so it is easier to lose track of the Seekers spawning in due to the threat of other Cryptids just around the corner. Seekers also run at the player in an odd fashion, making them difficult to hit as they shuffle around as they run for the player.

The Seeker has an extremely low amount of health, and because Seekers always spawn from meteors, the threat of Seekers can be repelled fairly easily if the player has a clear line of sight to the meteor. Here, the player can shoot the Seekers as they spawn from the meteor. Seekers are extremely vulnerable to explosives, with a well-timed, well-aimed Semtex able to destroy an entire meteor's worth of Seekers. Seekers are also extremely vulnerable to Incendiary Ammo, as the afterburn does not need much time at all to kill a Seeker. Usually, just one incendiary bullet is all it takes for a Seeker to be killed, even when fired by weak weapons. With how easy Seekers are to kill, and their inflated kill reward, Seekers are high priority targets, not just to protect players, but also to make a few quick bucks while doing so. With proper counter-measures, Seekers are easily taken care of.

Meteors arrive at consistent times, although meteors themselves can spawn in a variety of locations. Players who replay the maps a lot will get used to knowing when to keep an eye out for Seekers and where they will spawn.

On Mayday, Seekers will never spawn in via meteor, and they will just spawn in like any other Cryptid does, adding a level of surprise to those not used to the map. On Exodus, a large number of meteors will begin to spawn in when the north gate of the base is under attack, with meteors landing both inside the base and its surrounding areas.

On maps in which meteors can spawn in, there is usually a limit on how many Seekers can spawn in from meteors at a time. If a meteor lands very quickly after another meteor, usually Seekers will not spawn from the second meteor until Seekers from the first meteor begin to be killed. In extreme instances, this can result in the second meteor not spawning any Seekers at all.

The most unusal aspect of the Seeker's behaviour is that it can target things other than players. Most notably, they can target Sentry Guns, although this is rare since a Sentry Gun tends to make very quick work of a Seeker. On Mayday, Seekers will target the chlorine gas pipes and explode next to them to cause damage. Finally, although very rare, a Seeker can damage the Laser Drill or Generator, although these usually tend to be coincidental and not on purpose.

There are two challenges associated with Seekers: don't take damage from a self-destructing Seeker, and killing a certain number of Seekers before they explode. The former challenge can be quite difficult in certain situations for a less proactive group of players, as even killing a Seeker and then getting damaged by their subsequent explosion (even if the explosion was not planned by the Seeker) can cause the challenge to fail. However, this challenge can also be rendered easy should meteors not spawn in until very late in the challenge process. The latter challenge is also moderately difficult as the Seeker cannot be damaged and then have itself explode to count towards the challenge. The Seekers need to be killed outright by the player(s) themselves, and usually, the game does not spawn in a slew of Seekers, usually only spawning in a few more than what's necessary to complete the challenge.

The meteor itself will cause a large amount of thunder to generate on the intended area before the meteor lands. The meteor is capable of severely damaging or even downing a player that is unfortunate enough to be hit directly by the meteor. As the meteor is spawning in, the player's in-game character will make comments alerting the arrival of a meteor, and make comments of the subsequent Seekers that spawn out of it.


  • A Hypno Knife will kill the seeker but the player will lose the knife in the process.
  • Ironically enough, even though Cryptids are native to Earth, Seekers arrive via meteors, implying that the Cryptid race is not native to Earth.
  • Maps may give players a challenge to not be damaged by Seeker explosions. This challenge is only given when the player has progressed far enough through the map to be at a point where meteors can spawn in. However, this is one of the more difficult challenges to complete, due to the oftentimes cramped quarters on these maps, oftentimes making this challenge impossible to complete when dealing with large swarms of other Cryptids attacking the player or distracting them from incoming Seekers.
  • Despite the fact Seekers normally go straight for players, they are still lured by Flares and Sticky Flares, though they never attack Generators, Drills or Obelisks.