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Seize Glory is a live action trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, featuring Michael B. Jordan, Cara Delevingne and Marshawn Lynch. It is directed by Wayne McClammy.

The trailer features many aspects of the game itself, including the Dingo and Razorback weapons, R.A.P.S. scorestreak, firefly swam ability, the Gravity Spikes specialist weapon, wall-running, and the Zombies mode.



  • Marshawn Lynch, which appears in the trailer during the Zombies section, also appears in the campaign in the mission Provocation. He appears in the background in the section with Danny Li.
  • In timestamp 0:30, a gramophone is located behind Michael B. Jordan. This is a possible nod towards Zombies.
  • The character Cara appearing in the end of the trailer is played by Cara Delevingne, keeping the first name of the actor.
  • During the beginning section, there are armored soldiers with the number 54, which refers to the 54 Immortals enemy faction. However, in the campaign the 54 immortals soldiers appear completely differently.
  • During the Zombies scene, Marshawn Lynch says he is in Beast mode. "Beast mode" is Lynch's nickname.
    • This is also a possible nod towards the Beast mode that is prominent in the Black ops III Zombies launch map Shadows of Evil.