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Sekhmet's Vigor is a wonder weapon available on the map Origins. The weapons serves as an "attachment" for the four Elemental Staffs once they have been upgraded, taking the slot that a Grenade Launcher would normally take on an Assault Rifle. Sekhmet's Vigor is located on the bottom of the staff, causing the player to flip their staff over once selected. The weapon is able to revive downed teammates if one shoots a downed teammate with the Sekhmet's Vigor.

In addition, the weapon can damage and potentially kill Zombies, although it is not the weapon's main use. It is possible to get multiple kills from a single shot if the zombies are tightly packed.[1] It also has the benefit of being affected by Double Tap 2.0. Because the revive ability is useless on Solo, the Vigor only serves as a last-resort emergency weapon. It seems to have infinite damage, though getting more than one or two kills with a single blast is difficult.

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  • Sekhmet's Vigor takes its name from the Egyptian warrior goddess Sekhemt, also known as the goddess of healing.
  • There are a few schematics of the Elemental Staffs within Origins. One of them is dedicated to the Sekhmet's Vigor, titled Unknown. A schematic for the Amplification Rod details the Sekhmet's Vigor part with "Unknown Function". This implies Group 935 could not figure out the functionality of the Vigor.
  • Going into third person, when the Vigor is selected, the player can be seen holding a strange double-ended staff. The original staff head vanishes and instead, the staff has two ends and no head. When the Vigor is put away, the staff head suddenly re-appears on the staff.
  • Mob of The Dead's pack-a-punch camo can be applied to the Vigor, along with all of the normal and upgraded staffs using mods or the console on PC. However, Origins and Green Run's camo cannot be applied.