Self Revive is a new equipment featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival Mode.


As the name suggests, it will allow the player to revive themselves after an amount of time. The player has it at the beginning of the game in all but the Tier 4 ops/ maps, but must be bought again for $4000, if used. It is unlocked at level 13. To be revived, the player must kill one enemy or avoid being damaged for approximately 5 seconds. It is possible to die while trying to revive oneself, as the player has a red health indicator bar.


  • As seen in the Survival Mode Trailer, Self Revive was originally called Last Stand and was purchasable for $3000.
  • This perk is also available in Chaos Mode and Special Delivery which are available to the player either at the start of the level or as Care Packages.
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