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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

For the weapon class, see Semi-Automatic rifle.
"Sets fire type to single shot for increased accuracy and range"
— In-game description

Semi-automatic is a weapon attachment for Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Ghosts which allows players to change a weapon's fire mode to semi-automatic. Aside from its self-explanatory function, it will increase damage multipliers, making assault rifles deal two hit kills out to a decent range, and also decrease recoil, but will decrease overall rate of fire by 23%. 


Fire Rate decrease Damage Multipliers increase
Weapon Standard Semi-Automatic Standard Semi-Automatic
Maverick 652 RPM 501 RPM x0.95 (Limbs) x1.4 (Head & Neck)
x1.1 (upper & lower Torso)
AK-12 689 RPM 530 RPM x1.05 (Head)
Remington R5 631 RPM 485 RPM
MSBS 833 RPM per burst 641 RPM x1.4 (Head)
x0.8 (Limbs except upper legs)
Honey Badger 800 RPM 615 RPM x1.2 (Head) x1.5 (Head, Neck, upper & lower Torso)
ARX-160 857 RPM 659 RPM
SA-805 769 RPM 591 RPM x1.3 (Head)
FAD 882 RPM 678 RPM x1.4 (Head)
SC-2010 750 RPM 576 RPM x1.5 (Head)