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"They're my boys!"
Lennox summoning Sentinel Reinforcements.

On-site Sentinel Reinforcements is an Orbital Care Package item in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the Exo Zombies maps Carrier and Descent. It's recognized by its grey Sentinel logo. When picked-up, the player is able to deploy a small squad of Sentinel operatives, who will aid them in killing zombies and enemy troops.


These units operates similarly to the Delta Squad airdrop in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Survival Mode. Each power up will summon up to four soldiers. They wield powerful weapons, like the AE4 and M1 Irons (at least one soldier will always carry Akimbo M1 Irons) and have their own exo. Due to the melee nature of most zombies, these soldiers will have little to no trouble dispatching large hordes, even at higher rounds, though exo-boosting zombies may slowly overwhelm them. Their AI is also not sophisticated enough to flank an attacking Goliath and will blindly shoot it in the bulletproof shield until either party dies.

These additional troops can also revive nearby downed players and/or defuse gas bombs, making them valuable to have in tight situations, though they will prioritize players over bombs so try not to go down near the marked location or they will ignore the explosive completely. They cannot be infected, which is a plus when a Host round is imminent. They will also exo melee the zombies if one of them gets in close quarter combat with them.

Sentinel operatives are not invincible, as they can be easily killed by unique enemies, such as Hosts, Goliath Exo Zombies, and Oz. They are also not immune from damage caused by Traps. Furthermore, Sentinel operatives will expire after a short time, around one minute.

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