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"Remember, there's nothing so broken, that it cannot be fixed."
— Sergei Ravenov to Samantha Maxis

Captain Sergei Ravenov (Russian: Сергей Равенов) is a character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, introduced in Firebase Z and also mentioned within the Zombies Onslaught intel. Ravenov is a Spetsnaz operative who aligned himself with Requiem against Omega Group.


"Kapitan Sergei Ravenov. 32. Strong, smart, disciplined. Vicious; a ruthless killer. As a counter-terrorism operator in Spetsgruppa Alpha, he has served in the Caribbean, Central America, Angola, and Afghanistan - always leading his units with distinction. There are few as loyal to the motherland as Ravenov."
— Spetsgruppa Alpha transfer letter

Early Life and Spetsnaz

Born in 1951, Captain Sergei Ravenov is a strong, smart, disciplined, vicious person, and ruthless killer, according to an Omega Group report on him. Ravenov was a counter-terrorism operator in Spetsgruppa Alpha, and served in the Caribbean, Central America, Angola, and Afghanistan.

"I saw and did terrible things in Cuba, Nicaragua, Angola, and Afghanistan. I fought alongside mercenaries who collected ears as trophies. In war, morality must sometimes take a back seat. But the Colonel never had morals to begin with. Then again, who am I to judge, when I am the one feeding intel to the enemy? This I do to keep my nation from literally unleashing the forces of Hell. I still believe in a Soviet future. When that future arrives, we must be worthy of it."
— Ravenov, in his journal.

He would come to be transferred to Omega Group to help with military operations. One such operation would have him travel to Laos on January 18th, 1984 to assist the Shan People's Army, an insurgent group in Laos, who had recently sent a distress call after SPA leader Zhang Wei was captured by rival Shan State irregulars, with a dimensional breach occurring soon after. By the time Omega arrived at Laos, however, the insurgents were mostly dead and the breach was still active. After beginning containment and eradication protocols, Ravenov and his men managed to secure the site in half an hour. As his men collected samples of brain fluid as requested by Colonel Lev Kravchenko, Ravenov would personally perform a sweep around the area to determine the sequence of events leading to the breach. The breach closed two hours after Ravenov's arrival.

Zhang Wei was still alive, but Kravchenko soon ordered Ravenov and his men to perform an experiment on behalf of Aleksandra Valentina. They were to inject the collected brain fluid and inject it directly into Wei's cranium. After failing to reason with Kravchenko, Ravenov personally injected the fluid, causing Wei to die while screaming in agony, then reviving as a zombie. Valentina's experiment yielded no results, and Kravchenko ordered Ravenov to omit these events in his official report. Two days later, Ravenov wrote the report, but also wrote in his journal about the experience, stating how disgusted he was with the experience and commenting on how his actions in Omega have led him to begin feeding information to Requiem.

Requiem Informant and Operation Lost Property

Ravenov would eventually contact rogue-BND agent Samantha Maxis, where they would meet in Romania. During their meeting, Ravenov gave her crucial information regarding Omega Group's plans - to control bridges between the Dark Aether and their world, collecting and utilizing Aetherium as an energy source to win the Cold War. She would then plan to meet Ravenov again in Vietnam to infiltrate Omega Outpost 25 in Vietnam and expose their plans to Requiem. Unfortuantely, Samantha's plans would be discovered by Omega Group, leading her to be captured by Dr. William Peck, who would throw her into the Dark Aether after a failed interrogation.

After realizing what happened, Ravenov contacted Grigori Weaver and told him about Maxis' capture, leading to Operation Lost Property being formed by the Requiem senior staff. On June 15th, an outbreak occurred at Outpost 25 through the dimensional breach that transformed most personnel present into zombies or other various creatures. Ravenov was present in the initial outbreak within the Khe Sanh village, having a chunk bitten from his arm during the outbreak. Ravenov would assist a Requiem strike-team undertaking Operation Lost Property in rescuing Maxis from the Dark Aether, as well as helping in defeating the massive Orda that appeared at the village. After a brief reunion with Samantha, Ravenov informed her that he would not be able to come with her and Requiem, stating that an operation was underway in the Ural Mountains that he wished to attend to, saying he had to "stay in the field".

Ural Mountains and Operatsiya Inversiya

On November 16th, with the help of Ravenov, who had acquired a listening device designed by Valentina based on the Beacon mechanism used by Requiem's team to navigate through the Ural Outbreak Zone, and the help of Elizabeth Grey and her comms protocols, Maxis established a covert and secure communication line with Requiem's Strike Team, going behind Weaver's back. The Strike Team, under Maxis' guidance, was to head to Ruka's missile silo and meet up with Ravenov, assisting in the thwarting of Operatsiya Inversiya. When a Strike Team arrived at the location, Ravenov managed to secure the control room of the silo. They discovered that the warheads were still pointed to the US East Coast. When Ravenov asked Maxis for a target, she stated that no one should have access to the warheads, and they should be dumped into the Pacific Ocean. To launch the missiles, Ravenov needed the help of the Strike Team to retrieve the warheads launch keys as he prepared them. After initiating the launch sequence however, they found out that massive Aetherium crystals were obstructing the warhead hatches and a giant Tempest called Legion guarding them. With only nine minutes before launch, the Strike Team successfully defeated Legion and destroyed the crystals allowing the hatches to open. As the warheads launched, Raptor One, who was sent by Maxis, arrived and the team left the area while Ravenov stayed in the Ural Mountains. Immediately after this, the KGB would learn of Ravenov's betrayal and strip him of his rank as Captain, designating him as a traitor to the Soviet Union and an enemy of the state that is to be taken into custody.

After the rogue operation, Ravenov called Weaver on Maxis' line to inform him of a group of Omega scientists who wished to defect to Requiem. Weaver and Ravenov would formulate a plan to rescue the defecting scientists, Operation Excision: having Requiem's Strike Team head to the scientists and exfil once they meet up with the defectors. This would be undertaken on December 14th, 1984 when Weaver ordered the Requiem Strike Team to head to the State Sanatorium U-23 where they would rescue the defectors. However, it would come to be that the entire thing was a trap, and that Dr. Hugo Jager had killed the defectors personally. As the Strike Team was being exfiltrated by Raptor One, their helicopter would be shot down, leading to the Requiem personnel being captured by Kravchenko. Some time after Operation Excision, Ravenov would be blacklisted by the CIA. At some point, he would learn of Maxis' containment at the BLOCK 8 facility.

Operation First Domino

In early May, Ravenov contacted revealed that he had information regarding Operatsiya Izbavitel and its location in the Zakarpatska Oblast. He had sent a courier to a Requiem dead drop in Madrid with documents hoping that with Requiem's Director knowing of the communication, Maxis would be released in exchange. On June 14th, 1985, Ravenov would assist with Requiem's undertaking of Operation First Domino. He would speak to Requiem throughout the events at the Zakarpatska Oblast, commenting on Requiem's victories. After the Forsaken was defeated and captured by the Strike Team, Ravenov would give them and Raptor One a salute before exfiltrating, as he stayed behind.



  • On February 9, 2022, Black Ops Cold War received an update and Ravenov accidentally appeared as an Operator through offline lobbies, where he showed up as a bot. [1]
    • After the April 25, 2022 update, Ravenov stopped showing up as a bot in offline lobbies. Files pertaining to Ravenov were removed from the game following the June 6th, 2022 update.