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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
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"Graves leads Shadow Company Operators on a critical mission to find, fix and finish Konni Group in Al Mazrah"
— Playlist Description

Shadow Siege was a playlist event featured in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 which served as a reveal event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. The event was available between August 17th and August 21st, 2023.


Taking place in Al Mazrah, the event supported up to 32 players in a match and all the vehicles are available. The players completed 3 objectives before exfiling and completing the game. An intro cutscene and outro cutscene, featuring the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III reveal trailer would play each time.


Capture Missiles Launchers[]

At the start of the match, the players were tasked with capturing 8 Konni missiles launchers located around the Zaya Observatory: Sattiq Caves Complex, Zarqwa Hydroelectric, Mawizeh Marsh, Al Sharim Pass, Al Malik Airport, Sarrif Bay, Al Samman Cemetary, and Sa'id City.

Each missile launchers were defended by Konni soldiers, with reinforcements dropping from helicopters or parachuting from the sky or coming in via vehicles. Once a missile is captured, an MRAP is dropped in the area for the players to use.

Invade the Hidden Bunker[]

Once all the missiles launchers were captured, they all targeted the Zaya Observatory and launched ballistic missiles, destroying the facility. The destruction created three openings to an underground bunker and tunnels but also created a radiation zone around the observatory where a Gas Mask was needed. The timer is also automatically set to 15:00.

Exfiling Gas Canisters[]

Inside the bunker, the players would fight against more Konni soldiers, including Juggernauts and a Wheelson. The players were tasked with retrieving and exfiling a total of 45 Gas Canisters stored in the bunker. Whenever the player would pick up a Gas Canister, their camera would turn into Third Person.

Outside the bunker, several Mi-24 Hinds will attack the players retrieving the Gas Canisters. When one of the Hinds was destroyed, a Supply Drop could be found on the ground containing loot including a Juggernaut Killstreak to be used by the players. When all 45 Gas Canisters were retrieved, the players had 60 seconds to reach the exfil helicopters outside the bunker to finish the match.


Item Name Image Challenge
Heavy Chopper Vehicle Skin Serpent Slayer HeavyChopper SerpentSlayer Skin MWII Missiles Secured
Secure a Missile Launcher
Emblem Konni Group
Observatory Obliterated
Blow up the Observatory
Calling Card Crimson Sound CrimsonSound CallingCard MWII The Final Exfil
Exfil with a mission success
Weapon Charm Gas Canister
GasCanister WeaponCharm MWII
Gas Secured
Deliver 5 Gas Canisters as a Squad in a single deployment
Consumable Battle Pass Token
TierSkip Season5 Icon MWII
On the Scent
Intercept 5 radio transmissions
Weapon M13C
M13C Gunsmith MWII
Commanders Down
Assist in killing 5 Commanders


Opening Cutscene Transcript

A C17 Globemaster III is flying in the sky, the camera then zooms inside where Shadow Company soldiers along with Osmond "Oz" Ryan gearing up with their weapons.

Shepherd: All Shadows- this is Gold Eagle actual. Welcome to OPERATION ROGUE ARSENAL. Russian paramilitary known as the Konni Group are manufacturing and stockpiling chemical weapons - posing a direct threat to global security. Your tasking is to destroy their facility and secure the chemical weapons cache. Your commander on this op is Phillip Graves- Callsign Shadow 0-1.

Phillip Graves walks up to his Shadow Company soldiers and Oz.

Shepherd: If you wanna get shit done... He's the man you want in charge. 0-1... You have the con.

Graves: Thank you, General. (to the Shadow Company soldiers) This is an airborne to ground assault on the Konni occupied Zaya observatory. Intel reports a subterranean level is currently hiding an arsenal of chemical munitions big enough to take out the Middle East and Europe. Our primary objective is to keep that from happening. We're gonna do that in 4 phases.

The scene shifts to a computer display of Al Mazrah, the Zaya Observatory and the phases and sees the images of the plane and the SAM sites.

Graves: The first of which will be infill from the air. The target's currently defended by active SAM sites. Our planes will be taking direct fire so expect a bumpy ride.

The computer adds the images of the Zaya Observatory and adds mark points at the eight missile launchers while the white arrow moves and adds the image of the of the missile container.

Graves: From the offset LZs- all Shadows will mobilize to your first objective 1 of 8 enemy missile launchers located around the perimeter of the observatory. You will take over your assigned launcher and on my mark- initiate a focused fire attack--

The computer displays of the red lines from the missile destroying The Zaya Observatory with a red circle.

Graves: --Destroying Zaya and blasting ourselves one colossal entry point into that underground complex.

The computer zooms and scans an underground bunker in the Zaya Observatory and added the image of the chemical canisters and the exfil points.

Graves: Once inside, you locate the chemicals, collect as many canisters as you can - and double time to an extract point where you will exfil your cargo and yourselves.

The scene cuts back to the plane inside where Graves, Oz and the Shadow Company soldiers were in.

Graves: This will not be a walk in the park - but high risk is high reward. (The Shadow Company soldiers agreeing) I'll be with you on comms. Now- are we good to get some...?!

Shadow Soldiers: Yup-Yup!

Graves: I said, are we good to get some?!

Shadow Soldiers: Yup-Yup!

Graves: Alright. Let's get locked and loaded...

Graves, Oz and the Shadow Company soldiers prepare to infil. Cuts to black.

Ending Cutscene Transcript
A group of Shadow Company soldiers secure their acquired gas canisters in the Pave Low.

Shadow Soldier 2: Canisters in the drums. All gas secure.

Two Shadow soldiers fist bump, while two other Shadows secure the gas canisters. Meanwhile, two other Shadows sit away and observe the four Shadows around the gas canisters. A phone rings and one of the sitting Shadows answer the phone.

Ivan: (Russian) Yes... Yes, Commander- Chemicals secure.

Ivan hangs up the phone and speaks to his partner Nolan.

Ivan: (Russian) It's time...

Nolan nods, and Ivan and Nolan stand up and look at the Shadow soldiers. One of the soldiers by the gas canisters stands to face the two.

Shadow Soldier 1: Hey- Who're you talking to...?

After a short pause, Ivan and Nolan pull out their X12s and shoot the four Shadow soldiers, killing them. Nolan pulls off a corpse from the gas canisters. Ivan again calls Vladimir Makarov and Ivan and Nolan unmask themselves.

Nolan: (Russian) We're clear.

Ivan: (his name turns red) (Russian) Commander Makarov... Enemies KIA--

Ivan and Nolan take off their Shadow Company patches revealing their Konni Group patches. Cuts to black.

Burner Phone Conversations[]

During the invasion of the bunker, Konni soldiers would drop Burner Phones. When picked up for the first time, the players would intercept the radio communications of Vladimir Makarov to the Konni soldiers, as well as the reactions of Phillip Graves and Herschel Shepherd.

Makarov: "Shadows are securing the cargo. Suit up for the counter attack in teams of two."
Graves: "Actual, sounds like we have a possible hit on Konni's commander."
Shepherd: "I recognize that voice. I'll run signals intelligence to confirm."
— First Burner Phone
"The enemy's response will be swift. When they target the missile systems, go dark on comms until you're aboard the birds."
— Makarov in the Second Burner Phone
Makarov: "Before the enemy learns what happened here, the cargo will be gone, and our next attacks will be underway."
Graves: "Looks like someone was ahead of us here, Actual. Who we dealing with here?"
Shepherd: "SIGINT confirms - that is Vladimir Makarov"
— Third Burner Phone
"When you receive your message, dispose of the phone immediately"
— Makarov in the Fourth Burner Phone
Makarov: "Ivan and Andrei will be in charge for the next phase. Do exactly as they say."
Graves: "Makarov seems to know how we operate. We need to find him."
Shepherd: "He should be rotting in a gulag. Maybe it's time we pay him a visit."
— Fifth Burner Phone

Unknown Caller[]

In the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III teaser, released on August 7th, 2023, a phone number could be briefly seen: +1 (202) 918-3022. When texting "READY" to the number, several images were sent displaying part of the event cutscene. Moreover, when using the WhatsApp application to message the number outside the United States, a specific picture could be seen as profile.


Mission Overview[]

Promotional Material[]


  • The operation is called "Operation Rogue Arsenal" by General Shepherd when addressing Shadow Company operators.
  • Every player would wear a Shadow Company uniform regardless of their Operators, however the voice would remain, except for the friendly fire ones. Moroever, if the player was to have an elemental effect skin equipped, their Operator would have elemental effects from that selected operator.
  • The countdown sound before the missiles are launched, is a reference to Tactical Nuke countdown sound from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • The Barkov's Forces logo can be seen on the trucks in the tunnels below the Zaya Observatory.
  • All Players will revive each other faster, similarly to a Medic Plate Carrier.
  • The player can execute the Juggernauts that spawns in.
  • The briefing image for Shadow Siege shows that there is a missile container located in the River Diamond Luxury Resort. However, in-game, this particular missile container is located slightly to the North-East of the hotel, being placed on a broken bridge instead.