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Shadowguard is an unlockable character within Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies, he can be unlocked by completing a full challenge set in the map The Frozen Dawn, in this case being the "Shadow Hunter" challenge set.


  • Forgotten by Death - Laughed in the face of Death (Death becomes)
  • Corpse Dancer - Cut them down before they rise up (Waltz of starvation)
  • Ancient Banquet - Cannibalize the Ancient Evil (Elder Blood)
  • King's Lament - No crown for the wicked (Crown's solace)
  • Death's Sorrow - Survived when no one else could (Wreathed in death)
    • Using the "Cheat Death" ability of the Fang of An'heist, survive the Wrath of the Sun attack of the God-King.

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