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The Shaolin Styles or the Kung-Fu Styles are a set of abilities that can obtained at the map Shaolin Shuffle by talking to Pam Grier. They work similar to a Specialist Weapon, having a bar that deplets as you use your skills. Instead of killing zombies, you can replenish your style by drinking one of the chi gourds that are scattered around the map when your style runs out or picking up Pink Panther Symbols while your style is active.

How to Obtain:

To get one of the four styles is a very easy task, just talk with Pam Grier at the Black Cat Dojo at the start of Round 5 onwards. After that, you can get one of the gourds for each Style (Dragon, Crane, Tiger and Snake). Now, you must get a set amount of kills with each current ability to obtain the next one. The Level 1 gives the Shuriken. Level 2 gives the Chi Ability and the Level 3 gives the Ultimate Ability.


The styles shares two moves: A melee hit that will open specific places on the map and hit kill until round 33 and a Shuriken throw that can kill one to three zombies when charged until round 35-37 with a headshot. The other two skills are unique, a Chi Ability and an Ultimate Ability. They both have infinite damage and consumes more of the action bar. The bar is fixed to 20-25 melee hits, 10 shuriken throws, 4 Chi Abilities and 2 Ultimate Abilities. All of the styles have infinite uses that are limited by the chi gourd's cooldown that are scattered around the map glowing with your style's color and are reset at the start of each round. Be mindful that shifting rounds with an active style will not reset the gourd's cooldown. The style's activation and abilities can be accelerated by using Quickies.

The Kung-Fu Styles are the following:

Tiger: The Tiger Style is the Red One and can be found to the left of where Pam Grier is siting. The Tiger style has a Chi Ability similar to a weaker Gersh Device and the Black Hole Grenade, dragging zombies inside and them vanishing. This skill needs to be aimed right for a maximum performance. The Tiger's Ultimate is a channeled violent ground attack that hits all zombies nearby, even behind you, launching them into the air and killing everything. While casting, the character is immune to zombie's hit.

Crane: The Crane Style is the Blue One and sits to the right of Pam. The Crane has a peculiar ability that freezes up to 8 zombies in place, killing them in the process. The Crane's Ultimate is a series of high speed kicks along a fast and long range dash that kills all zombies in the way whilst being immune to damage.

Dragon: The Dragon Style is the Yellow One and sits behind you to the right side while talking with Pam. His ability works as the Grou but with a faster use, it locks 5 zombies in place, killing them. The Dragon's Ultimate ability channels for a brief, becoming immune to damage and them creates a Dragon spirit that stays in place, spinning around for some seconds and killing all the zombies that it touches.

Snake: The Snake Style is the Green One and sits behind you, to the left. The Snake's Chi ability summons an ally skeleton that deals damage to zombies while distracting them, working exactly like the summoned Skeletons from Dead Ops Arcade. You can summon more than one and it can sustain a good amount of damage. The Snake's Ultimate is a series of thrusting hand attacks that kills anything it touches while becoming immune to damage.

Easter Egg Gestures

There are three hidden Pink Panther Symbols that changes your Chi Skill into one of three special gestures. These symbols can only be seen when you are in the Shaolin Mode and can be picked up once per activation, refilling your style's action bar and giving you a random easter egg gesture. They are available when you get Level 3 with any of the 4 styles and can be found on three fixed places:

  • Inside Heebie Geebies, on the back corridor.
  • In front of Tuff 'Nuff.
  • Above Inferno Club's sign, you need to open the door with the Shaolin Style's melee attack.

The gestures are:

  • Finger Gun gesture wich shoots three times.
  • Crushing Finger gesture that kills zombies between your fingers.
  • Brushing Away gesture that kills zombies that you hit.

All of the gestures shares the infinite damage from previous Chi Skills but they are slower and have longer cooldown. The special part is that every time you pick a Pink Panther Symbol, it will replenish your action bar. This gives a huge boost in kill capacity and allows you to bypass the long chi gourd's cooldown. You can optimize your action bar by using one ultimate, one chi ability and two shurikens, then pick up a symbol and launch two ultimates.


  • The styles kinda matches every character's color scheme. AJ being the Crane, Pointdexter being the Snake, Andre the Dragon and Sally the Tiger.